Foxy Femme: Annunziata Gianzero

TV has become the domain of gorgeous, talented women and ANNUNZIATA GIANZERO has a mesmeric loveliness that can be described as flawless on the small screen. Being the versatile actress that she is, ANNUNZIATA dispensed with her undeniably beautiful features by appearing as Dawn The Methhead in Season 5 of “Southland”. On the episode “Heat”, she does sport a bloodied face as she gets interrogated … Continue reading Foxy Femme: Annunziata Gianzero

British Vixen: Jessica Clark English Rose JESSICA CLARK is wonderfully mesmerizing and she has a way of making everyone around her feel comfortable. It’s a gut feeling but I reckon she’s tipped for popularity with audiences from both sexes. Yup Jessica is a proud lesbian yet one feels her heavenly multi-ethnic exoticness is desirable to us men too. She readily admits to getting hit on quite a lot … Continue reading British Vixen: Jessica Clark