Actress Spotlight: Foxy Femme Ayden Mayeri


Exotic Princess Ayden Mayeri is to be passionately followed by an ever growing fan base especially since she is so divine on screen. Catch her in “Faking It” as Pepper, the frisky lady with her eyes on Bruce Cooper (Dan Gauthier) who is the dad of the ever caustic Lauren Cooper (Bailey De Young). “Faking It” is a show everyone should be fixated on as it has some of the most breathtakingly gorgeous women and the stunning Ayden Mayeri belongs in such illustrious company. On that note, odds are persuasively favourable that her seductive character Pepper snags her chosen man. With her background in comedy honed from her time at UCB, her adeptness at tickling us pink adds another dimension to Ayden’s comely persona. Can’t wait to see Pepper stir up more trouble in future episodes of “Faking It”.

When Season 5 of “Awkward” returns, we’ll be able to witness her beautiful glow as she’s guest-starring in an episode of this popular series that once again is graced by gorgeousness. I’ve also been listening to tons of imusic and uncovering some prodigious singers so likewise there’s a flood of upcoming actresses such as Ayden who will steal our hearts. She could well be the kissable cutie with the magical touch in 2016.

Canadian Vixen: Katriina Isberg


Proof that the most luscious actresses are indeed emerging from Canada, the ravishing Katriina Isberg is odds on to be coveted. What better than to start 2016 with a bang by featuring Katriina who can certainly revel as a sweetheart or a siren onscreen in the vein of someone like say Kate Bosworth. Like Kate, Katriina does have the impeccably divine features that’s brimming with enigmatic allure.

Here’s Katriina giving us an insight into some of her interesting projects including one that’s due to be released this year:

I have a few things coming out soon that I’m really excited for… I recently heard that the final stages of the edit on writer/director Dennis Alexander Nicholson’s film “Double Crossed” are also in the works. This film is a short spy-thriller-comedy where I play Svetlana Slutskaya a soviet spy. I had a lot of fun with this one playing around with a thick Russian accent. The whole cast and crew were amazing and such a pleasure to work with. Actor/producer Evert Houston has kept us updated with how things are going, and they seem to be going extremely well. Can’t wait to see the final result. About a month after filming, I received a phone call from producer Lori Fischburg about another short film called “The Rarebit Fiend”. One of the producers from “Double Crossed”, Heather Young, had recommended me. There had been a last-minute change with a character and they needed a woman to play the part. The best part about it, though, is that with the exception of a photograph taken that shows up in the film, I was essentially a bear. In a dress. On a train. Haha. The film is in black and white, set in the 1930s, and sort of a strange mystery dream. Such creativity went into this, I loved being a part of it even if in a bear suit. It was a pleasure working with writer/director Jeffrey St. Jules as well, who won the Best First Feature Award at TIFF for his film “Bang Bang Baby”. Although I was not in this one, I did get to sing in a trio at the premiere as part of a promotion for the film. It gave me a chance to meet some new people and catch up with Jeffrey at the after party.

All this was happening while I was also filming Backlash Pictures’ “Recall”. “Recall” is a crime-drama-thriller about a recovering drug addict and his coked-up step brother who confront a local mafia kingpin. I play Alexis, girlfriend of Dale (the coked up step-brother) who sort of helps influence him in bad ways. My character is very intelligent, seductive and manipulative. Something I love to play. I think a huge highlight for me was when Michael James Regan was directing me on set and talking to me off set keeping me updated with things and also just sharing his passion for this film and the entertainment world in general. I love when people care as much as he does, because I certainly do. Creating work that is not only technically great, but also full of passion is something that I think every actor looks for when walking onto set. The crew and actors I worked with were all fantastic, and I know this film will go far. Such an exciting place I’m in right now. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Playing bad is oh so good nowadays and inevitably adds layers of fascination so expect Katriina to ace it when she takes on the trope of femme fatale. 2016 could be the year Katriina mesmerizes the planet.