Laura Covelli

It’s a wonderful thing to binge on the latest shows online as we are introduced to fetching faces such as Laura Covelli. She appears as Mrs Cusack in “13 Reasons Why” as a high school teacher who presides over the class that includes Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) who among others have received a tape from Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), a 17-years who killed herself. Almost … Continue reading Laura Covelli

Oxford Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Kelly Murtagh

The sheer number of indie actresses on enchanting run at film festivals is gathering pace and the inviting Kelly Murtagh enhances our ardor. She stars in the drama “Don’t Come Around Here” which premieres on Feb 17 at the Oxford Film Fest. Here’s the gracious Kelly revealing more about her role in “Don’t Come Around Here” as well as her moving upcoming project: I play … Continue reading Oxford Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Kelly Murtagh