Actress Spotlight: Arianne Martin


With 2 indie films encompassing vastly different genres currently released, it’s apt to feature the delicate allure of Arianne Martin who in my view ranks as one of my favourites. First up, she’s all sassy and seductive in “Killed Or Be Killed” as Pearl Nava, the mysterious prostitute who might just be the undoing of outlaw Claude ‘Sweet Tooth’ Barbee (Justin Meeks). Set in the wilds of the west during the 1900s, her sudden appearance in the dark of night turns on the merry band of bandits yet leaves them in trepidation as she has an aura that’s a bit shady. Billed as a horror western, “Killed Or Be Killed” has its share of supernatural twists and Arianne delights as the enticing femme fatale Pearl or is she Ruby, the persona she assumes when spilling the beans to the law?

Arianne also stars in “Don’t Look In The Basement 2”, the sequel to the little-known low-budget cult classic from 1972 which delved into the murders of several patients and staff at Stephens Sanitarium. In this new instalment, the nuthouse is re-opened and once again peculiar happenings resurfaced, triggering madness as well as dead bodies. Arianne’s role of Dr. Lucy Mills is one of impressively, sensitive resonance whereby she infuses her character with an altruistic benevolence as all physicians should be. Dr Lucy sees the positive in her patients and people in general and whilst her traits are magnanimous, it does not always reap its rewards. Watch “Don’t Look In The Basement 2” till the end to uncover her fate!

Shining in 2 constrasting subtlety of the female form, Arianne credibly handles each with distinction and should see herself being extolled as a much loved Indie Sweetheart.

Actress Spotlight: Foxy Femme Ayden Mayeri


Exotic Princess Ayden Mayeri is to be passionately followed by an ever growing fan base especially since she is so divine on screen. Catch her in “Faking It” as Pepper, the frisky lady with her eyes on Bruce Cooper (Dan Gauthier) who is the dad of the ever caustic Lauren Cooper (Bailey De Young). “Faking It” is a show everyone should be fixated on as it has some of the most breathtakingly gorgeous women and the stunning Ayden Mayeri belongs in such illustrious company. On that note, odds are persuasively favourable that her seductive character Pepper snags her chosen man. With her background in comedy honed from her time at UCB, her adeptness at tickling us pink adds another dimension to Ayden’s comely persona. Can’t wait to see Pepper stir up more trouble in future episodes of “Faking It”.

When Season 5 of “Awkward” returns, we’ll be able to witness her beautiful glow as she’s guest-starring in an episode of this popular series that once again is graced by gorgeousness. I’ve also been listening to tons of imusic and uncovering some prodigious singers so likewise there’s a flood of upcoming actresses such as Ayden who will steal our hearts. She could well be the kissable cutie with the magical touch in 2016.