The Sizzling Women On Lucifer: Taylor Black

That mole, those curves, they could only belong to the one and only Misty Canyons – Lucifer. With that one memorable line on the TV series “Lucifer”, television is indeed off to a sizzling start in 2018 thanks to the luscious Taylor Black. She guest-stars as famed porn star Misty Canyons who is seek out by both Lucifer and his angelic brother Amenadiel when the … Continue reading The Sizzling Women On Lucifer: Taylor Black

Laura Covelli

It’s a wonderful thing to binge on the latest shows online as we are introduced to fetching faces such as Laura Covelli. She appears as Mrs Cusack in “13 Reasons Why” as a high school teacher who presides over the class that includes Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) who among others have received a tape from Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford), a 17-years who killed herself. Almost … Continue reading Laura Covelli