Ashlynn Yennie

Ever since Glenn Close boiled a bunny in “Fatal Attraction”, we’ve been fascinated with the evil women do onscreen and Ashlynn Yennie has a malicious new role on Lifetime that’s a must watch. She stars in “The Wrong Neighbour” as Jamie, a deranged woman who becomes a nightmare for a father and daughter as she malevolently stalks them both. While she may have been on … Continue reading Ashlynn Yennie

LAWebFest 2017 Spotlight: Ashley Brinkman

This weekend signifies the rise of web vixens which will see the luscious Ashley Brinkman entice netizens. She stars in “The Real Drakoolavs” which has been nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series at this year’s LAWEbFest. It’s a funny look at life for a family of vampires who reside at a neighbourhood in LA as they prepare fresh blood for the grooming of their youngest member … Continue reading LAWebFest 2017 Spotlight: Ashley Brinkman