Actress Spotlight: Clare Grant

Modern-day Goddesses such as Blonde Bombshell Clare Grant is an amalgamation of both sex appeal and creative talents. This week, she guest-stars on “Castle” as Nina O’Keefe, a woman accused of murder and whom Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) initially fingers as the killer. Things take a dramatic twist however as his instincts lead him to a different conclusion especially when Nina is discovered to be … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Clare Grant

The Hottest Digital Vixens in 2013!

What an honor to know that the Actress and Life Obsession Blog has been included in the Top 10 Finalists of The Best What-The-Hell Blog Category for this year’s most eclectic The Singapore Omy Blog Awards ! Since I’ve gained recognition so shall i give kudos to the actresses who rock the web in 2013…:) 1. Mary Kate Wiles – She’s had hits after hits … Continue reading The Hottest Digital Vixens in 2013!