Christine Lakin

Christine Lakin is the epitome of luscious ebullience and she’s illuminating our TV screens come April 12. She stars alongside Jodie Sweetin and Beverly Mitchell in Pop’s new original comedy series “Hollywood Darlings”. These real life best friends are bringing the funny to viewers as former child stars who grew up in the heady days of the 90s and are now facing head on issues … Continue reading Christine Lakin

Indie Princess: Sherry Romito

Sherry Romito is the enchanter with a dreamy smile and she’s crafting her way with intimate reflections on screen. Mentored by Seth MacFarlane of “Family Guy”, she’s produced the film “Under The Hollywood Sign” which is very close to her heart. With the trailer being featured prominently on IMDB, it’s indicative that this piece on the realities of life as struggling actors is very much … Continue reading Indie Princess: Sherry Romito