Sizzling Cutie: Montana Marks

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The stunning Montana Marks is a vision of lusciousness who is likely to be on the coveted list for fans and directors alike. Her unique name alone is uber-cool and her dedication as an actress makes her that much more memorable. She strikingly does have a ‘Sex Kitten” appeal about her and has me thinking about 1 particular film that celebrated sensuality. “And God Created Woman” was a masterpiece of its time which starred the iconic Brigitte Bardot and if ever there was a modern remake, Montana should be in the running to be the leading lady. Brigitte was actually a natural brunette which proves that raven-haired beauties namely Miss Montana are themselves Goddesses both on and off screen. With the impending release of “Camp Dread” formerly known as Dead.TV”, the reality show slasher with a twist, Montana is set to be an on-going infatuation. Her ravishing body can indeed drive most of us wild! It so happen I came across a screen-grab from the MONTANA MARKS OFFICIAL SITE of her in a bikini getting sexy with another girl which should get tongues wagging…:) You’ll be in awe as she’s equally delectable in real life. It’s not just smoke and mirrors as Montana is the real deal when it comes to her beauty.

“Camp Dread (aka Dead.TV)” stars Scream Queens Danielle Harris and Felissa Rose with Montana in the role of Katie who together with other troubled twenty-somethings join a reality competition with deathly consequences. While one may envision her embracing the tenets of a Scream Queen, Montana is completing several upcoming indie features that’s dramatic as well as comedic. With modeling, she’s done commercial, lifestyle, and fitness work which can be seen here:

I did see her being celebrated as Babe Of The Day on an online magazine. With that much hotness going on, it would be conceivable to say she could be Babe Of The Year!

Digital Vixen: Amy Wolpa


Isn’t this the greatest era when we get a constant stream of the sauciest performers on the net and right now, AMY WOLPA is evolving into a blossoming sex kitten of the online space. Not to knock Stumbleupon but I’m pretty sure our radars are its sharpest when we’re in the vicinity of sexy women, hence me gravitating towards the very divine AMY and featuring her here. She’s currently sizzling up the web series “Meter Maids” as a perky Traffic Officer newbie and inevitably eyes are transfixed on her smokin’ hotness in the body-hugging blue uniform. Having lived on the Gold Coast for quite some time, it brought back memories of the Surfers Paradise Meter Maids who were often seen sashaying on the sands and the roads in their trademark gold bikinis. As the Australians say, a ‘Perve’ session was in order as beachcombers/motorists sample the lovely ladies as they went about their enforcing. In the same vein, the buxomy AMY will be a big draw what with the girl-on-girl lip locking on one of the webisodes. She actually does it to make people feel better…ahh the joys a traffic warden can bring although in reality you might be hard pressed to find one as alluring as AMY or one that helps you out.

Wow…the creators even managed to rope in semi-retired Hawaiian Pornstar Mika Tan as a guest star, thus adding an extra spice to the series…this could be the “Reno 911″ of the web world! Judging from the tons of youtube comments, AMY herself is quickly turning into an arousal factor for viewers so let’s call a spade, a spade and marvel at the babe that she is…:) In the meantime, go and check out the AMY WOLPA OFFICIAL SITE. It may very well be that AMY is gaining ardent favor for being well-endowed but there’s something angelic about her that’s undeniable. Include her flair for comedy and what you have is the total package.