The Sizzling Starlets To Crave @ Soho Film Festival 2016


Dawn Olivieri in “To Whom It May Concern”


– Dawn Olivieri is certifiably a Sex Symbol and she continues to stir our minds as well as our loins in the skin of the most compelling women ever.
– In “To Whom It May Concern”, she will be enthralling as the suicidal Anna who is headed for tragedy when she falls for her neighbour’s boyfriend Sam (Wilmer Valderrama).
– Great to see Dawn make a return to the small screen too, spicing up the 5th Season of “House Of Lies” as the foxy Monica Talbot and also recently guest-starring on “Lucifer”.

Katelyn Pearce in “We Remember”


– Actress/Model Katelyn Pearce is primed to be a fast rising obsession; she’s already sparkling as a brunette bombshell, indie darling and blossoming producer.
– She’s amping the emotional quotient in the short “We Remember” as Allison, the caring sister of a man who is estranged to this dying father.
– This year Katelyn was a co-star in an episode from the sleeper hit “Limitless” as the mysterious and beautiful Olivia.

Carly Brooke in “Mommy’s Box”


– With those luscious lips, Carly Brooke is a kissable cutie making a most lovely impression on the indie scene and on television.
– Carly is a must-watch as the free-spirited Jordana who has a similarity with leading man Nick on music and mothers, wonderfully establishing the crux of the drama “Mommy’s Box”.
– She’s slated to star in the adventure comedy “Abnormal Attraction” with the legendary Malcolm McDowell which is set in the mythical world of co-existence of monsters and men.

Angelica Page, Natalie Wetta & Tjasa Ferme in “79 Parts”


– Riding on the hot trend of movies set in the 70s era such as “The Nice Guys”, “79 Parts” introduces a bevy of beauties that are set to take your breath away.
– Angelica Page, Tjasa Ferme and Natalie Wetta have an appeal that would be a big attraction in any era and the trio’s magnetism is pleasantly mesmeric.
– Each are indie starlets in their own right and when the premiere of “79 Parts” rolls in, envision an upsurge of ardor for these fascinatingly inviting ladies.

Indie Darlings To Crave @ Bare Bones International Film Festival 2016


Meagan Flynn in “Tipping Point”


– In “Tipping Point”, Meagan Flynn is dynamic as Liz Brooks, the determined ADA who attempts to balance the scales of justice in spite of dissenting external factors.
– As the director, writer and actress of “Tipping Point”, viewers can see the heart she’s put into the short film which is becoming a success on the festival circuit. After all it is nominated for Best Micro Short Drama at the Bare Bones Film Festival!
– Praised for her impressive adeptness in drama and comedy, she’s going to add much sass to the dark comedy “Southern Justice”, the story of 3 sisterly vigilantes.

Natalie Kim in “Super Debt”


– Korean-American comedienne Natalie Kim is a natural at elevating the funny, her robust yet spicy identity a fixture of her inviting adorability.
– She’s ever the effervescent charmer in the funny short “Super Debt” as Firebird, the super heroine laden with a spot of bother when it comes to her finances.
– In an era when Asian actors are having a raw deal in the industry what with Asian characters being given to non-Asians, it’s great to see Natalie creating amusing content made for the world to enjoy.

Katherine Romans in “Bound”


– There’s a willowy beauty about Katherine Romans that will ensure audiences won’t be able to take their eyes off her on account of her innate magnetism.
– Blessed with an engaging gentleness, she’s a must watch in “Bound” as Emily, the girl who is the best friend of the protagonist Derrick caught up in a conflict between friends and family.
– Katherine is already a doll in every shape or form and many are set to be intrigued with her new short “Heavy Feathers” where she plays Elsie, the young lady who believes her sister is better off not knowing their father’s fate.

Terissa Kelton in “DisAssociationVille”


– The ravishing Terissa Kelton is enchanting in the romantic drama “DisAssociationVille” as Maggie, the woman whose love of her life Chris (Derek Babb) abandons her.
– At the Barebones International Film Fest, she can also be seen in the racy “Quad X: The Porn Movie Massacre” as former porn star turned company president Ginger and she’s more than just an enticing vision.
– Terissa is the epitome of the indie film movement as she has affirmed that she puts in her heart and soul into the genre.

Seregon O’Dassey in “Lover’s Leap”


– A perennial sizzler on this blog, Seregon O’Dassey has been a temptation in numerous features and her curves are truly an addiction.
– She’s the personification of the femme fatale in the noirish short film “Lover’s Leap” and gets into some passionate intimacy with a private investigator who has been tailing her. Seregon is every bit the Sex Symbol of the indie world!
– We can’t wait to watch her shine in the upcoming “Surviving The Outbreak” which rides on the popular zombie sub-genre which should garner her even more fans.