Aussie Siren: Andrea Leon

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Seductive Australian actress ANDREA LEON has a big announcement that she will share in due time and I’m lucky to be one of the first to know! My lips are sealed at this point…no she’s not pregnant…LOL but the news is going to be just as huge! All you have to do is show ANDREA the love and she might just tell you…hehe. With that enticing sensuality that grows on you thanks to her Ecuadoran/Uruguayan roots, ANDREA is a triple threat of temptation as a screen vixen, model and writer. It’s her turn as no-nonsense producer Val Turner in “2001 Maniacs: Field Of Screams” that would have plenty singing her praises. Besides her memorably sultry voice, there’s a deliciously wicked, business-like side to her character that ANDREA paints so effortlessly. Plus she was in one of the best death scenes ever much like John Woo’s Face Off sequence except she falls victim to a heinous female crotch clamping device!! ANDREA rightly belongs to the list of visually arresting ladies sharing screen time such as Christa Campbell (the immoral Milk Maiden), Kathryn Le (as lusty China Rose) and Katy Johnson (shamelessly parodying Paris Hilton). Of course, what’s a horror flick without nudity and all four lovely ladies mentioned teased us with their flawless goods. ANDREA’s been described as the unerring combo of desirability and spirituality which she more than validates in “Ca Chi Pun”, a bittersweet short film set in Chile (watch it above). ANDREA is remarkably moving as the love interest who engages in a sexual affair with her unsuspecting boyfriend’s best buddy and pulling off the ultimate betrayal.

The Buxom Starlet has by far shown on film and on the red carpet that she has the body to die for. As the spokesmodel of Australia’s CHANEL NO. 5 and Omega watches, ANDREA is most definitely the face to be obsessed over…:) How can we not fall for her perfectly shaped bee-stung lips that deserves a kiss or two! Since getting to know her, ANDREA’s shown me priceless affection, enhancing her reputation as a lovable lady. There’s always something about Aussie actresses that leaves us swooning and Andrea has the precise amount of Latin Spice/Aussie charm to be the main attraction for a long time.