Sexy Siren: Stacey Storey It’s always a feeling of euphoria featuring hot, talented women and STACEY STOREY is both a beauty and creative force. She is of course Miss Alaska 2011, stunning with a cherubic sweetness that will have us wishing she was our BFF in a hurry. In fact she’s 1/3 of the gorgeous producing team with Brea Grant and Vera Miao who collectively are bringing a … Continue reading Sexy Siren: Stacey Storey

Sexy Siren: Kinga Philipps

It’s a joy when one comes across a striking cutie such as KINGA PHILLIPS, the Polish-born actress being so telegenic on camera. Endowed with a sweet allure we could fall for, she’s one of the hosts on SYFY channel’s “Legend Quest”, hunting for the most powerful lost treasures in the world. In fact, she’s been hosting for several high profile shows and her passion for … Continue reading Sexy Siren: Kinga Philipps