Blonde Bombshell: Suzanne Quast

In the first few seconds of Youtube hit “Shark Pool”, you must have laid eyes on SUZANNE QUAST in her leopard print bikini that has led to a spurt of mega infatuation from netizens. Still remember the days when Elle Macpherson was ‘The Body’… Well the cheeky parody of “Shark Night”, “Shark Pool sees SUZANNE parading her curves and exhibiting her virtues as a sizzling … Continue reading Blonde Bombshell: Suzanne Quast

Rising Starlet: Christine Quinn

When you’re the poster girl for “Shark Night 3D” that’s going to be be plastered everywhere around the world, it’s a special feat indeed. Up and coming actress CHRISTINE QUINN cuts a sumptuous figure in a white bikini and has revealed to me that she’s the distressed siren clad in the two-piece on the poster. Watch the trailer (above) till the end and you’ll get … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Christine Quinn