The Screen Sweethearts Of Shark Week

Aquatic terror fuelled by our innate fascination of sharks will be on a high with the advent of Shark Week and there’s a host of films that propagates the fear in us or in the case of the upcoming “Sharkado 5”, should prove to be a campy, insane-filled ride! In the days ahead, we are going to be taken to the depths where blood-thirsty sharp-tooth … Continue reading The Screen Sweethearts Of Shark Week

Sizzling Cutie: Meredith Thomas

When we say we are hypnotized by our lovelies onscreen, MEREDITH THOMAS would be admired as being one to take note of. I have to say “Flying Eyebrows” are going to be the next big thing since Emilia Clarke (who plays Daenerys Targaryen on “Game Of Thrones”) has consistently made a fashion statement with them. Likewise, MEREDITH has some seductive ones herself and she could … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Meredith Thomas