Ashlynn Yennie

Ever since Glenn Close boiled a bunny in “Fatal Attraction”, we’ve been fascinated with the evil women do onscreen and Ashlynn Yennie has a malicious new role on Lifetime that’s a must watch. She stars in “The Wrong Neighbour” as Jamie, a deranged woman who becomes a nightmare for a father and daughter as she malevolently stalks them both. While she may have been on … Continue reading Ashlynn Yennie

SXSW 2017 Spotlight: Tessa Auberjonois

Notable for her engaging performances on the theater scene, it’s time TV viewers get a taste of the inviting Tessa Auberjonois. She guest-stars on “I’m Dying Up Here”, the new show which is being celebrated at 2 exclusive SXSW events. The series sees some of the most vulgar characters who were infamous back in the day during the L.A. stand-up comedy scene of the ’70s. … Continue reading SXSW 2017 Spotlight: Tessa Auberjonois