Indie Princess: Davie-Blue Sweetness and the indie genre often go hand in hand with the radiant Davie-Blue being an appealing face to be taken with. She stars in the familial comedy “Manson Family Vacation” that sees two brothers devoted to the ones they love with one sibling actually being a devout follower of the notorious Manson Family. David Duchovny’s Aquarius may show the grittier side of the … Continue reading Indie Princess: Davie-Blue

Sexy Starlets To Crave @ SIFF 2015

1. Mercy Malick in “Circle” – Catch Mercy add sensual flavor as the character known as The Lesbian in the “Saw” Meets Hostel” horror film “Circle”. Can she survive being trapped in a chamber with a mysterious killing machine on the loose? – After her stunning turn as a stripper on the hit show “Castle”, Mercy became affectionately labelled as part of the Expendabelles which … Continue reading Sexy Starlets To Crave @ SIFF 2015