Ravishing Redhead: Siobhan Flynn

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Angela Wright – Trailer from Mu Sun on Vimeo.

SIOBHAN FLYNN is a Welsh Cutie who has a specially fetching quality thanks to her captivating facial symmetry and bone structure. Back in her homeland, she would be lauded as being “Lush” and her attractiveness is apparent for all to see. Regarded by Wales Online as being in an illustrious group of sexiest women in Wales (she ranked 26 out of 50), SIOBHAN FLYNN has dazzled various areas of the entertainment world. From gaining buzz alongside Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson in “The Island” to her frisky supporting role in “Sex & Death 101” in a scene with Simon Baker, she’s been in the spotlight for some time. At the San Diego Film Fest, she appears as Mrs Carlson, one of the teachers of a honors student priding herself on excellence who is of course the titular character “Angela Wright”. From the trailer (above), it’s great to watch her utilizing the Welsh accent in the quirky drama which from what I’ve read is known as the second most sexiest accent.

SIOBHAN also has an interesting background in voiceover where she has done vocals for anime shows such as Hellsing and video games such as Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds as the foxy succubus Morrigan. You might want to check out the SIOBHAN FLYNN OFFICIAL SITE for even more instances of this very lovely actress with the striking eyes. The more we see of SIOBHAN, the more she epitomizes the grace we often notice in a woman and she’s certainly someone to be fond of…:)

Rising Starlet: Elaine Loh

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With Chinese New Year a few days away, let’s instill some Asian flavor by having ELAINE LOH enchant us right here. For those in the know, ELAINE is actually of Hispanic and Asian heritage, a very alluring combo indeed, those almond shaped eyes, kissable lips and the soft hair very much desirable facets. This up and comer has just scored a role in “The Mentalist” where she’s currently having a ball on set. She’s acknowledged the cast may be the nicest people she’s had the pleasure of working alongside and I have a feeling Simon Baker may have something to do with those friendly vibes. “Californication”, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” and “Chuck” are some of the other shows where ELAINE has displayed her glowing lissomeness. There’s a collection of videos detailing her TV appearances at the ELAINE LOH OFFICIAL SITE. It’s been said she even gets into character when having a shower…what endearing dedication! Hmmm….or were some of you living in hope of seeing lady parts after finding this out since ELAINE is so attractive…;)

Her fight reel shows another dimension to her onscreen abilities and she sure served up some action moves in spy comedy “One Sharp Girl”. Additionally her vocal prowess as a theatre actress and her experience as a teacher/private coach for aspiring actors is indicative of ELAINE’s diverse competencies. This month has all the makings of an auspicious one and since ELAINE has caught our fancy lately, there’ll be a measure of devotion coming her way.