Catherine Lidstone

With Christmas only a few days away, festive movies are all the rage and so will be the women who get us into this most celebratory mood. The exquisite Catherine Lidstone who stars in “Christmas On Salvation Street” is definitely adore-worthy and she’s a vision of affability throughout the heartfelt film. Here’s Catherine talking about her role on “Christmas On Salvation Street” and her other … Continue reading Catherine Lidstone

Stunning Siren: Danielle Bisutti

DANIELLE BISUTTI has loads of sauciness to set alight TV Land This Fall, mesmerizing us into submission with her scintillating renaissance woman chic. Her list of accomplishments are truly impeccable; Actress, singer-songwriter, dancer, painter, comedian and of course Fashionista, she’s done them all and more, living up to her billing as a multi-faceted entertainer. Come 20th September, she’s stirring up trouble in the naughty Season … Continue reading Stunning Siren: Danielle Bisutti