Hot Blonde Of Summer: Jules Hartley

Meeting a Femme Fatale Starlet in the flesh has to be chalked up as one of the greatest moments in the ebb and flow of life. Actress Jules Hartley visited Singapore (she’s here for 5 days) and besides taking her sight-seeing, I got to hang out with her at my home…how cool is that! I’m awe-strucked by her beauty and also the warmth she has … Continue reading Hot Blonde Of Summer: Jules Hartley

Euro Vixen: Nicole Marischka

After watching the actioner “Hanna” recently where there were numerous quips about Berlin and Leipzig, I felt compelled to spotlight Nicole Marischka, a starlet who herself resides in Berlin as well as Munich, Germany. Thanks to our inter-connected world, I get to enjoy arthouse dramas such as “Everybody Else” aka “Alle Anderen” which wouldn’t have happened a few years back. Getting in touch with one … Continue reading Euro Vixen: Nicole Marischka