Cutest Belles Hot List

JENNIFER PRETTYMAN Why She’s A Cutie: With the phrase ‘PRETTY’ in her name, it’s destined that Jennifer Prettyman would become one of the most attractive indie performers. When i laid eyes on her for the first time, i was immediately fascinated with her ethereal beauty and immaculate long hair. Her professionalism and drive is second to none always looking at how she can improve the … Continue reading Cutest Belles Hot List

Hot Actress #425 – Chantelle Berry:Aussie Vixen

The heart-pounding indie film “CALL BACK” was when i first discovered singer/songwriter and actress CHANTELLE BERRY. It’s always fascinating to watch the ladies gain the upper hand as they transform from victims to purveyors of torture. In “CALL BACK”, there’s tons of girl-on-girl action and abuse via a blender that’s not for the squeamish. CHANTELLE is excellent as the predatory femme fatale who in tandem … Continue reading Hot Actress #425 – Chantelle Berry:Aussie Vixen