Film4 Frightfest 2015 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Melissa Nearman


Every day especially in this week alone, we get to be enraptured by screen darlings and Melissa Nearman is an attractive pleaser. Horror fans will be able to catch her in “Worry Dolls” screening at Frightfest 2015, a canny thriller crafting elements of old-school voodoo and the popular slasher line of movies we’ve come to love. And boy do we love our delectable women of horror seeing how Melissa joins Kym Jackson, Brea Grant and Naomi Kyle in this terror-filled film with its cluster of classic kills. But like all indie actresses, armed with her improv skills and comic chops, Melissa is able to segue into varying personas with effusive charm.

She’s headlined a web series called “The Ethical Slut” from director (Ben Fritz) who she has worked with on a previous award-winning project, “Cynthia Watros Gets Lost.” Ben himself secured the rights of the same titled book, which is a guidebook to polyamory (mulitple partners). Melissa played a wife and mother, who along with her best friend, decide to embark on open marriages and has the hallmarks of comedies such as “The Office” and “Portlandia.” She can also be seen in a feature film called “The Aspect Ratio” which is written and directed by Ari Dassa. It’s a drama about aspiring filmmakers/ artists set in LA which has Melissa in the role of the supportive wife of a video store owner whose business is on its way out of business. With her being active across multiple mediums, Melissa’s fetching presence will be unfurling delightfully for all to enjoy.

Comic Con 2015 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Katy Colloton

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With her appealing glow, Katy Colloton brings an undeniable pizzazz to the comedy genre and she’s a star on the rise! Channeling the frequency of likability, she’s given us cherished moments of lovable humor over the years. According to the unobservant former Walt Disney CEO, Michael Eisner recently, Beautiful Funny Women Are ‘Impossible to Find.’ He certainly needs to wear glasses as we’ve seen a bevy of beauties such as Kristen Wiig, Kaley Couco, Gina Rodriguez and many more who are gorgeous, accomplished comediennes. As a member of the improv group The Katydids, Katy who herself is quite the darling will grace Comic Con on July 9 in a panel discussion with Alison Brie (we know she’s hot and funny!) about their pilot “Teachers” which is based on their popular series of the same name. Regarded as an articulate funny woman, Katy has the beauty and intelligent comic repertoire that’s a joy for anyone whose come across her work. In “Teachers”, she plays elementary teacher Miss Snap who has a feisty streak and even though all she wants to do is help her students, her efforts are often met with disdain. Of course this causes her emotions to ‘Snap’ and she sometimes lashes out!

If you want to see her in a role against type, check her out as insane therapist Ilse in the indie thriller “THe Scarapist”. One can say comedy and tragedy is cut from the same crazy cloth. Her transition from light to dark has a foreboding creepiness and it’s telling of Katy’s adaptability as a must-watch talent. Comic Con fever is in the air and the vivacious Katy could seriously garner global endearment.

Don’t forge to drop by the KATY COLLOTON OFFICIAL SITE and check out why the press are singing her praises.