Ravishing Redhead: Anna Easteden

http://vimeo.com/11750265 International audiences are falling head over heels in love with ANNA EASTEDEN whom industry insiders are endorsing as one Fascinating Uber-Babe. As the tenderhearted hooker Nina in her Best Supporting Actress Nominated role from “The House Of Branching Love”, she’s delectably hypnotizing in every frame. She also makes it conceivable that beautiful women can indeed be attracted to lesser desirable guys (not just a … Continue reading Ravishing Redhead: Anna Easteden

Hot Aussie Temptress Of Summer: Kirsty Lee Allan

If there’s one Australian gal that can quickly ignite a dude’s primal instincts, it’s the delectably Buxom KIRSTY LEE ALLAN. As Seaman Chief Rebecca ‘Bomber’ Brown in the hit Aussie Drama “Sea Patrol”, she’s the pinnacle of refreshing warmth yet maintains a sauciness that’s undeniable. Of course, many will point to her bikini scene at a pool (see above) that has the same lust-inducing effect … Continue reading Hot Aussie Temptress Of Summer: Kirsty Lee Allan