Indie Princess: Carrie Madariaga

CARRIE MADARIAGA has the distinction of being the First Luiseno Native American actress featured on this blog and she’s an actress/film-maker who is synonymous with the word ‘Captivation’. Encompassing the spirit of ingenuity, she stroked the fires of initiative within her and started building a reputation for Native Americans in TV and film. Her praiseworthy directorial debut will be screeened this Friday, Sep 28 at … Continue reading Indie Princess: Carrie Madariaga

Hot Actress #431 – Rachel Thevenard:Canadian Vixen

There’s already a battle brewing on who’s the sauciest young actress even though ‘SKINS (US Version)’ just made its premiere recently. Admittedly every single one of the ladies has her own distinctive allure and Rachel Thevenard who plays bad-boy loving Michelle on “SKINS” certainly takes your breath away. Her character may look demure but she’s someone not be messed with, picking fights with girls as … Continue reading Hot Actress #431 – Rachel Thevenard:Canadian Vixen