Sizzling Cutie: Marnette Patterson

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Some actresses have the perennial sensuality to last a lifetime and Marnette Patterson is the beauty to fawn over longingly. Great to hear Marnette is in the actioner “American Sniper” having been on hiatus and all I can say it’s she’s still as enticing as ever! Many will not forget her femme fatale performance in the racy “Wild Things: Foursome” I’m sure. “American Sniper” may be high on the testosterone with its travails on war but it’s nice the feminine quotient has its place in what is a gritty man’s world. Marnette does belong in the list of lovely blonde actresses whose return to the screen is something I can’t wait to see, for instance Whitney Able (who will return in “Dark”) and Christine Taylor (will Ben Stiller’s wifey make her comeback?). She did star in the coming of age film “Remember The Daze” with its stellar cast of Amber Heard, Lyndsy Fonseca, Leighton Meester, Brie Larson, Stella Maeve, among others. Marnette was already coveted back then and she is likely to still be very much on our radars.

Marnette is best known for her work in the series “Charmed” as a witch who is wanted by demons seeking the ultimate power. There’s also rumors of her being in the running for the next installment of the Bond series headlined by Daniel Craig. Her combination of sultriness and smarts would be a factor in winning such a coveted role as a Bond Girl. Marnette is blessed with a cultivated elegance and her long awaited screen return is one to savor.

Action On Film Festival 2014 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Stell Bahrami

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Blossoming into one of the belles of the indie scene, Stell Bahrami could be heading for cherished fervor in the months ahead. She stars in “Pink Zone” which is one of the gems at the on-going Action On Film Festival. Stell has already dazzled on the red carpet of the premier of the movie in a luminous orange frock. I reckon “Pink Zone” is a little Clockwork Orange meets 28 Days Later and kudos to all those involved in this film for giving viewers this indie treat. Stell plays Sam, the mean bully girl who along with her group of minions torments Emily, the main character in a world where women have been infected with a deadly virus spread by the opposite sex. Stell’s character is called ‘The Temptress’ and from the trailer, you will be able to see her feminine wiles.

Angelic and foxy at the same time, Stell has a charmingly magnetic disposition and what can I say but that the camera loves every angle of her. She’s also certainly more than just a pretty face and possesses quite the creative streak. Recently Stell has gotten into directing, producing as well as writing and is currently producing a short called “Fragmented”, which is a psychological thriller. “We Are Angels” is a web series where you can watch more of Stell and it’s no surprise her seraphic beauty is why she’s cast in a tale of angels who roam the Earth. Stell is sexy, smart (she graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology) and genial, tenets of an actress to treasure.