SeriesFest 2017 Spotlight: Mandy Fabian

When we have exceptional women such as the multi-talented Mandy Fabian in entertainment, it’s apt to put her on a pedestal of admiration. She’s the Co-Creator, Writer and Actress of “Dropping The Soap”, the series that’s taken the digital space by storm and will be screening at this year’s SeriesFest. A celebration of the best and boldest episodic storytelling, SeriesFest 2017 is the perfect platform … Continue reading SeriesFest 2017 Spotlight: Mandy Fabian

Nadine Nicole

Nadine Nicole is a picture of radiance on TV Land this week as she makes a bewitching entrance on the Hulu comedy series “Casual”. She has a recurring role starting with this week’s episode and will be appearing in upcoming episodes 6-10 as well as 12. Nicole plays Casey Orion, an enigmatic environmental activist who revels in her drive of dedicating her life to worthwhile … Continue reading Nadine Nicole