Actress Spotlight: Seana Kofoed


Seana Kofoed has the regal poise that many will find to be very divine and she’s certainly a sultry vision this week. Catch her in episode 7 of the new Netflix series “Flaked” as top agent Vanessa Weiss who might have a spicy back-story judging from the frosty reception dished out by protagonist self-help guru Chip (Will Arnett). In the month of March, there’s going to a wonderful list of actresses vying for our attention with SXSW in full swing and Online TV becoming even more tantalising with enchanters such as Seana. In the vein of sirens such as Vera Farmiga, Seana projects the attractive confidence of brassy women with a fascinating charm most should gravitate towards in droves.

She also guest-starred on the hit soap “The Young and the Restless” as the psychic Madame Isadora and if there’s ever a crystal ball we can peek into, it would reveal that Seana should already be passionately well-regarded. Armed with a theatrical background, she’s been a standout in several notable plays and is best known for starring in “Men In Trees” alongside Anne Heche in a role that’s very much the opposite of her recent sexier, assertive ones. Parts of Seana’s personality is a reflection of the traits of the women she’s depicted on screen and having utilised them impeccably, she’s a radiant actress everyone should be doting on.

Foxy Femme: Kristen Kassinger


Kristen Kassinger has all the facets of an enchanter, majorly stunning and with a seductive nature that’s deserving of adulation. She’s guest-starring on this week’s episode of “Major Crimes” entitled Open Line and appears at the start of the episode. As the supermodel Christa Cook, let’s just she’s a victim of unfortunate circumstances and there will of course be the obligatory twists. Kristen has been in a police procedural series before namely “CSI”, as one of the contestants on a reality cooking show where they discover their ingredients actually consists of human remains!

Having already worked with Juicy Couture, Forever 21, and Guess by Marciano, Kristen is also an established model in LA. With my job at Zalora, Asia’s Leading Online Fashion Destination, I am privy to chancing upon models at casting calls and they always leave me besotted with their heavenly features. One can say that the divine Kristen is a babe for this Summer and many more. Kristen cites Grace Kelley as one of her influences when it comes to appreciating fashion and maybe someday she could even take over that esteemed mantle of personal style. Meanwhile, she’s slated to star in the soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” and one can say Kristen is the ideal personification of beauty. Many have expressed their love for her sweetness as well as her cool, laidback disposition. She also has an upcoming film called “Shangri-La Suite” which has an Elvis Presley theme when one man is deluded into the belief that he has to kill the King of Rock’n’Roll. Plenty will be waiting intently for her next sojourn be it as as an actress or a model.