Blonde Bombshell: Gabrielle Stone

It’s been a while since a Scream Queen in the making has enliven this blog and GABRIELLE STONE can already lay claim to being an upcoming terror hottie. She is after all the daughter of legendary Dee Wallace who was so riveting in “The Howling” and recently in Rob Zombie’s “Lords Of Salem”. While GABRIELLE is a looker very much like her mom, she’s fashioned … Continue reading Blonde Bombshell: Gabrielle Stone

Rising Starlet : Bettina Bilger

Known for being immensely accessible, BETTINA BILGER may just be the one to catch the eye as she has a recurring role in “Pan Am” which premiers this weekend. Vintage has become the hottest thing to hit TV Screens since “Mad Men” and this jet-setting new series aims to be just as sensational. The nostalgic female-centric plot lines are a welcome sight with an attractive … Continue reading Rising Starlet : Bettina Bilger