Sizzling Cutie: Amanda Barton

Expect a charmer like indie starlet Amanda Barton to start making a name for herself in a slew of horror films and keeping us absorbed. Catch her on the Netflix DVD release of “Blood Rush” which is now available to enjoy. She plays Abigail Cross, a single parent who suspects her son is infected by the very virus that has seen her town over-run by … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Amanda Barton

Latin Vixen: Yvette Yates

Brainy, beautiful and unquestionably stunning, YVETTE YATES is adept at steaming up the screen as she is beguiling us off it. The accolades also keep coming for this luscious Hispanic actress who has firmly entrenched herself into the hearts of viewers. From a string of high profile roles to being called hotter than Megan Fox by the man on the street, YVETTE is en route … Continue reading Latin Vixen: Yvette Yates