Screen Sirens To Adore @ Sitges Film Festival 2017

ClĂ©mentine Poidatz in “Housewife” – Hot on the heels of surrealistic horror in the vein of “Mother” comes the hypnotic and gruesome terror tale “Housewife” starring the elegant ClĂ©mentine Poidatz who will undoubtedly keep us on the edge of our seats! – She stars as Holly, a woman who while reeling from a family tragedy sees her life take an unexpectedly terrifying turn when she … Continue reading Screen Sirens To Adore @ Sitges Film Festival 2017

Actress Spotlight: Carlee Baker

Carlee Baker is the ultimate sweetheart and vixen with the heart-stirring magnetism to garner lifetime devotion. Those who are at The Sitges Film Festival would have already caught a glimpse of Carlee on the red carpet premiere of her film “Creatures of Whitechapel”. She’s Pretty In Pink and would definitely rock in any colour. She’s memorable for her captivating turns on the Cinemax Series “Femme … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Carlee Baker