Latin Vixen: Laura Londoño


Colombian minx Laura Londoño will put us all under her spell this week as she’s already generating quite the buzz. Playing the wife of notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar as portrayed by Benicio Del Toro in “Escobar: Paradise Lost”, she may already be at the cusp of stardom. The drama is screening at the Napa Film Festival where there’s plenty of luminaries and Laura must surely be one of the belles of the screen. When she breaks into Spanish onscreen, we are left swooning, hanging by her every word. Hispanic actresses are truly having an addictive effect on our senses and when they come in the heavenly form of Miss Laura, it’s makes anyone’s day. Just when you think you’ve seen some of the world’s sexiest women, a comely lady like Laura comes to take our breath away.

I came across several top 10 lists featuring Colombian entertainers with Sofia Vergara (What!!!) being at only number 3 and one can envision Laura being in those exclusive hot lists soon enough. She has graced the pages of Esquire Colombia and certainly exudes the art of sensuality. Her attractiveness does remind us of actress Liv Tyler which can only mean one thing, endless infatuation! Laura has dazzled in roles from a teen rebel to love interest and rightly so since she has the magic touch to keep us hooked for a very long time.

Little Rock Film Festival Spotlight 2014: Foxy Femme June Griffin Garcia

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Sensuality is one of the traits actress June Griffin Garcia can exude at a moment’s notice. This brown-eyed enchantress is comfortable in a variety of guises onscreen and we will discover she’s quite the fascinating siren. The pic of June as a sailor girl (above) can indeed be a turn on for many and she has the curves to prove it! She has a supporting part in “Two Step”, the crime thriller that will be screening at this year’s Little Rock Film Fest. The big news for June in 2014 is her casting as Gwen in the comedy feature ““The Sauce”, shot in Austin Texas and wonderfully funded via Kickstarter. She’s already been commended as the personification of sexy, tough love for her role as Aunt Kay Garza in another indie comedy “Dani the Ranch Hand”. Expect her to bring her sassiness to “The Sauce” and all her future roles.

June is also known for being multi-lingual with her proficiency in Spanish, French as well as Italian and now she’s even picking up Mandarin. Her linguistic skills are bound to be an asset and may soon be opening up many more avenues for her to win over audiences. June has also been featured at, a bi-lingual, educational and entertainment magazine on the diversity of Hispanic cultures. She’s been lauded as one of the most interesting persons of Hispanic descent who has dazzled the Texas Filmmaking Community. Noting how she’s represented a wide variety of ages, ethnicities and dialects onscreen, it’s also her charisma that has seen her received much fondness. Add her salsa skills on the dancefloor and you have June Griffin Garcia, the delectable delight we want more of…:)