Latin Vixen: Aurora Papile

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The recent overload of saccharine sweet talents are a boon for viewers and you can count AURORA PAPILE as one to dote on fondly. She’s starring in the cross-cultural romantic comedy “Pulling Strings” which follows the adventures of mariachi singer Alejandro and Rachel, a US Embassy worker played by Laura Ramsey who denies him a visa. AURORA is enchanting as Rachel’s co-worker Carol who thrives in the humorous moments. Her entertaining antics does foretell that she may have a stellar career ahead as a comedienne. Apparently one review even went as far as saying hers could be a scene-stealing performance. Check out the interview (above) with fellow cutie Laura Ramsey as they share their experiences making the film. What a beguiling gal AURORA is especially when she interjects in Spanish. There’s something dreamy about the language and makes you want to fall in love with the person conversing it. It wouldn’t be hard to fathom having a weakness for someone as lovable as AURORA…:)

I could see her having a role in Season 2 of successful series “The Bridge” and being bilingual would suggest she’d be a great fit. There’s also an undercurrent of comedy in what is an essentially a thriller and AURORA would no doubt be comfortable in the diversity of the storylines. She is however rumored to be in the upcoming chiller “The Catalyst” that’s a re-jig on the old haunted house scares. So I think it’s time to acknowledge Miss AURORA PAPILE, one of the cutest emerging actresses and let her know that she’s ‘Eres muy linda’.

PollyGrind Film Fest 2013 Spotlight: Foxy Femme Kimberly Estrada

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There are some ladies of the screen that we can’t stop gushing about and KIMBERLY ESTRADA is the embodiment of what it means to be sexy. She has been named as one of People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People before and that tells a lot about how much she exemplifies the tenets of exquisiteness. Her heritage made up of primarily Chinese, Spanish and Native descent which makes her delectably spicy. Check out the sexy short “Mother-In-Lust” where her character Darlene said something about being yummy but I’m sure everyone knows who the yummy one is…:) Scarlett Johansson who was named as Esquire’s Sexiest Women Alive apparently was chosen for her perfect cleavage among other assets and one can see KIMBERLY herself has an enviable pair. This means visiting the KIMBERLY ESTRADA OFFICIAL SITE is a must for she’s worthy of infatuation…:)

At PollyGrind, she’s in “Redemption”, a futuristic story of good vs evil where she’ll get to wield her bad-ass swordfighting skills as Skye. She’s no stranger to action scenes and she’s following it up as a female underground fighter in “Girl Club”. As the fighter Maya, she will be faced with difficult choices, some of which will have lasting implications for her and her son. The last time she played a tough fighter was in Clint Eastwood’s “Million Dollar Baby” as an opponent of Hilary Swank’s character Maggie Fitzgerald. KIMBERLY is on her way to be quite the heavenly babe whether it be in action or any other genre.