Rising Starlet: Angeline Appel

Kissable and vivacious Angeline Appel could soon be on her way to garnering a period of prominence. We ourselves are sometimes lucky to go through life and be in touch with future stars such as Angeline seeing how she’s one of the leading ladies in “Babysitter’s Black Book”. This fascinating drama on Lifetime is about girls who start up a babysitting business only to fall … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Angeline Appel

Sexiest Actresses At Film4 FrightFest 2011

Natalie Victoria in “Deadheads” As you might already now Natalie Victoria is in London for the screening for her movie “Deadheads” at this year’s Frightfest. They say love is undying and that’s how much her character Ellie means to one of the leading men (Mike played by Michael McKiddy) on this kick-ass zombie comedy…even after zombiefication, she’s still his infatuation! Oh and it’s not all … Continue reading Sexiest Actresses At Film4 FrightFest 2011