The Sexiest Actresses @ Action On Film Festival 2014 – Part 2


1. Anna Easteden in “Nothing Like The Sun”


– Luminous beauty Anna is the leading lady of “Nothing Like The Sun”, playing a vampire who together with her partner runs into complications when one of them wants to be human again.
– It’s fitting that a face as luscious as Anna gets to captivate as a vamp and she’s undeniably ravishing having modeled for Hermes, Salvatore Ferragamo, etc.
– With the origins of “Batman” in the shape of the TV series “Gotham” being hugely anticipated, catch Anna as Barbara Gordon in “Crime Alley”, the Finnish interpretation of the Dark Knight.

2. Alexandra Boylan in “The Infected”


– Zombie features are usually graced by the hottest women and “The Infected” has Alexandra Boylan who is a treat for our eyes.
– This short has sex, drugs and tension as four friends are at the brunt of a dirty bomb which slowly affects each of them in terrifying ways.
– Alexandra caught the eye in the home invasion thriller “Home Sweet Home” and she’s amazing when playing vulnerable women with an underlying strength.

3. Terissa Kelton and Janet Mayson in “3 References”

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– They are the Texas honeys of the dramedy 3 References which tells of a womanizer who finally falls in love but not without a hitch!
– Terissa is a multi-talented actress who can certainly project sexiness at any given time and is touted as a rising indie starlet.
– When it comes to blondes, how can one not be enchanted by Janet for she’s a sweetheart. Janet is slated to star in several upcoming horror flicks so keep your eyes fixated.

4. Jami Harris in “Army Of Frakensteins.”


– The always adorable Jami is a delight and with her spunky facets, she’ll be the apple of our eyes for a long time to come.
– In “Army Of Frakensteins”, she plays Ashley, the girlfriend of a young man Alan who travels to the time of the Civil Wars and into battle against fearsome Frankensteins.
– A truly versatile actress, Jami is just the sort of gal to shine every time she takes to the screen no matter the genre.

5. Vivi Pineda in “Krissy Belle”

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– Spicy and desirably sweet, Vivi is flying the flag for every sexy Colombian women that we’ve come to love with such fervor.
– She plays Ana Maria Rosales-Serra (what a name!) in “Krissy Belle” and gets involved with Southern Belle Krissy who is trying to impress the Hispanic community.
– One of her high profile films was the thrilling “Pain and Gain”, starring alongside The Rock and Mark Wahlberg which goes to show she’s very much coveted.

Foxy Femme: Heather Roop

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Undeniably mesmerizing, the very photogenic HEATHER ROOP is one whose is synonymous with beauty and what it means to be beguiling. I recently had a debate on how I’m always in the proximity of the hottest women in the world (due to the nature of my work as a blogger community manager) and HEATHER has a recognizable allure that’s both spicy and sweet. If you’ve seen the action flick “Guns, Girls and Gambling”, you may have seen her steaming up the screen as Vivian who is as naughty between the sheets as she is at the bar enthralling men. Some call her a true Georgia peach and with that smokin’ hot, flawless body of hers, we can’t help but want to start an obsession for HEATHER. Being wickedly sexy on film is certainly one of her assets and we hope she continues in the same vein…:)

She previously worked with the cast and crew in hit comedy “The Hangover” although soon the stunning brunette could be a coveted Scream Queen in the making. First up she’s the leading lady in supernatural chiller “The Sacred” which will be followed by the Slash-produced “Nothing To Fear” alongside Anne Heche next Fall. Heather’s also in pre-production for a yet untitled horror/thriller starting in Atlanta on November 15. Everyone knows they can’t get enough of women in horror and with a series of high-profile roles, HEATHER should be receiving some loving adulation soon.