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Jeanine Bartel

When a lovely actress is part of 2 film festivals happening concurrently this week, casting our adoring eyes on the luscious Jeanine Bartel is a must. Her entertaining crime caper “Less Heat In Arizona” is screening at both the Niagara Falls and Golden Door International Film Fests ensuring a doubly wonderful viewing pleasure for viewers. Jeanine stars as Carla, a woman whose encounter with 3 … Continue reading Jeanine Bartel

North Hollywood CineFest 2017 Spotlight: Eve Austin

This blog has always been about unearthing indie gems and with actress/writer/producer Eve Austin part of the wonderful cast of the buzz-worthy “American Fango”, amorous attention is heading her lane. She appears as Diane Diamond and with her luminous smile, she’ll dazzle up the coming of age, cross-cultural romance that is “American Fango”. Credit has to go to Director Gabrielle Altobelli for fashioning such a … Continue reading North Hollywood CineFest 2017 Spotlight: Eve Austin