Canadian Vixen: Megan Hutchings

**Photos © Shaun Benson** Megan Hutchings has a foxiness coupled with a playful visage that’s the cornerstone of why we’re in love with Canadian actresses. Sensual would come to mind when praising her and she’s a graceful vision from every angle. Rebecca Romijn meets Jeri Ryan could be the plaudits one would use to describe her attractiveness. She is starring in the TV movie “The … Continue reading Canadian Vixen: Megan Hutchings

Sizzling Cutie: Senta Moses

In my years of actress appreciation, I’ve subscribed to the notion once a cutie, always a cutie and SENTA MOSES has adorable X-Factor aplenty. Her recurring spots on TV Series “Greek” were billed as some of the funniest scenes ever thanks to the kookiness she channeled as Zeta Beta Zeta computer geek Lizzie.It’s a fantastic feeling to connect with the hotties from “Greek” as the … Continue reading Sizzling Cutie: Senta Moses