Exclusive Interview With Aussie Vixen Katharine Innes

Australian enchanters such as the fetching Katharine Innes will soon find a place in our adoring hearts and she’ll be of keen interest for global audiences. This Melbourne-born actress stars in the claustrophobic sci-fi Aussie flick “The Subjects” as Nikki who develops superpowers in clinical trials that sees her locked in a room with several others. With one reviewer calling her effortlessly beautiful, she’s a … Continue reading Exclusive Interview With Aussie Vixen Katharine Innes

Indie Darling: Casey Dillard

If you haven’t already, start falling in love with the women of independent cinema such as the lovely Casey Dillard who is steadily making headway on the indie scene. Casey is the leading lady of the sci-fi film “Earthrise” as Vivian Colfer who is entrenched on Mars in the face of an inhospitable Earth. She and her fellow survivors are initiating plans to return to … Continue reading Indie Darling: Casey Dillard