Screen Siren: Natalija Nogulich Noted for her personable disposition and gregarious allure thanks to her Serbian heritage, film doyenne NATALIJA NOGULICH has and will always hold our captive attention. AFI Film Fest entry “I Melt With You” might have its testosterone-laden, steeped in darkness tomfoolery by way of leading man from “Hung” Thomas Jane and “Entourage” star Jeremy Piven but it’s female cast is just as colorful. NATALIJA … Continue reading Screen Siren: Natalija Nogulich

Canadian Vixen: Katerina Taxia Numerous glowing reviews of her stint on “Fringe” as FBI Agent Dawson and also as Captain Pike in a reenactment from Star Trek by “The Girls on Film” project points to the growing appeal of KATERINA TAXIA. Kudos to KATERINA and fellow actress Ashleigh Harrington for replacing the male testosterone with their much needed female poise as the young James T. Kirk and Pike … Continue reading Canadian Vixen: Katerina Taxia