North Hollywood CineFest 2017 Spotlight: Sydney Sweeney

If ever we’re unabashed about commending the young women of Hollywood then we must surely sing the praises of Sydney Sweeney. Her endeavors both on film and television is going to be enrapturing worldwide audiences especially since she’s starring in “Manic” which has its world premiere at TriBeCa Film Festival 2017 as part of the prestigious Tribeca TV Fest. She plays Missy ‘Paper Girl’, one … Continue reading North Hollywood CineFest 2017 Spotlight: Sydney Sweeney

Actress Spotlight: Sydney Sweeney

Potently mesmeric, the beautiful Sydney Sweeney is giving us glimpses at the wealth of her inviting traits. She’s starring in “The Horde” which melds action with the torture porn that’s in the vein of “Hostel” meets “The Hills Have Eyes”. As photography student Hailey Summers, a harrowing experience is inflicted upon her when she and her classmates are accosted by a clan of disfigured cannibals … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Sydney Sweeney