Sweethearts To Adore @ Newport Beach Film Fest 2014 – Part 1


1. Bettina Mangiaracina in “For Anabela”

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- The melancholic love story “For Anabela” which screens on April 25th is the opportunity for viewers to start falling for her as the leading man does so longingly.
- Has anyone noticed she has the comely features rather reminiscent of “Divergent” starlet Shailene Woodley? As Anabela, Bettina is mesmerizing throughout, from the meeting of two hearts to the emotional turmoil that so often besets young love.
- Bettina has certainly done her fair share of eclectic stuff namely beating up WWE superstars as a foxy Bavarian waitress on MTV’s hilarious reality show “Silent Library”

2. Marianna Palka in “King Of Norway”


- Marianna is a must-watch as Liv Skaarsguard who almost gives up trying to connect with her father who suffers from short-term memory until his impending death changes everything.
- Already a respected indie filmmaker, her honestly touching portrayals on screen are so enchantingly intimate, she forms a bond with audiences from the get go.
- Having been born in Glasgow Scotland, it’s time Craig Ferguson makes the accomplished Marianna a guest on his popular late late night show!

3. Christina Elizabeth Smith in “Ever”


- The lesbian romance between Christina’s character Emily and Wendy McColm’s titular Ever is beautifully laid out with the two memorably affecting as they go from friends to lovers.
- This makes the world premiere of “Ever” on April 26 a must see event especially with Christina having such a luminous presence.
- Remember to catch her in the long running soap “Days of our Lives” as well as the series “Killer Sisters Midnight Hour” on Hulu.

4. Natalie Turpin in “The Perfect 46″

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- If there is an indie darling to adore at any film festival she would be Natalie Turpin who is just beautifully enigmatic.
- Watch her in “The Perfect 46, a sci-fi tale that sees a geneticist creating a website for people to find their most suitable genetic partner.
- It comes as no surprise that she’s already enraptured hearts on the web in “JewDate” as the gorgeous Kara, a young man’s longstanding obsession.

5. Sumiko Braun & Jeananne Goossen in “This Last Lonely Place”

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- You may have seen Sumiko from the unexpected hit “Sharknado” and Jeananne from the gritty series “The Following”. What is obvious is that this delectable duo have plenty of sex appeal no matter which medium they appear…:)
- While Sumiko has a supporting role, she’s also the producer of this noirish thriller involving a taxi driver and a scheming mistress played by Carly Pope.
- From what I’ve seen of Jeananne’s character Luna, she is quite the seductive siren with those flirty eyes of hers.

6. Anne McDaniels in “Teacher Of The Year”


- A certified Blonde Bombshell who is also one of the nicest actresses on the planet, it’s a given to catch babelicious Anne in the comedy “Teacher Of The Year”.
- You can also see her as a machine gun-toting kick ass gal in the opening titles of the new countdown show “FNA USA” which celebrates everything you love about America!
- With the release of creature feature “Poseidon Rex” since April 18th, viewers are already hypnotized as she plays Sarah, a sassy marine biologist who spends mos of the film in her sizzling red bikini.

7. Lucy Walters in “Growing Up and Other Lies”


- Lucy is a star on the rapid rise and her role as Holly, an ever-ambitious waitress in the upcoming Starz TV Show “Power” is set to solidify her popularity. Glad to see she’s a series regular as she was a scene stealer in the unfortunately short run of “Do No Harm”.
- She may have a busy schedule but the fact she acknowledges her fans like me is a big reason why she’s consistently a dazzler on this blog. Plus 50 Cent recently Tweeted to his 7.4 million followers what an amazing actress she is! Now that’s hot!
- Expect Lucy to shine yet again in the indie ensemble comedy “Growing Up (and Other Lies) alongside Adam Brody and Amber Tamblyn.

Palm Beach International Film Fest 2014 Spotlight: Indie Princess Grace McPhillips

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Multi-faceted Grace McPhillips has always been a polished talent and she’s slated to win a plethora of approval on the indie scene. She is the lead in the intriguing drama “The Other One” which premieres on April 4th at this year’s Palm Beach International Film Fest. The film deals with Amber (played by Grace), a teacher who is a survivor of a school shooting and the repercussions that takes a toll on her personal life. We’ve seeing more than ever that it’s the stories that matter and Grace gives us an honest portrayal of a woman still haunted by her traumatic experience. The lingering fear and her best efforts to move on are perfectly depicted by the talented Grace who shines as the emotionally distraught character Amber. The trailer has an interesting bit where it shows her chancing upon what is a hooded figure outside a house. Is this a hallucination or it is referring to the killers as being “The Other One”? The mind can be a complicated mess and delving into the psyche of the victim of a heinous act is as compelling as it should be.

Her upcoming feature “Eclipse” has just been announced as an official selection at Cannes. It’s the prequel to “The Other One”, a six-minutes insight of the deadly shooter before his intended massacre of the high school. One can sense the social undercurrents of both films, an inflection that promotes peace and non-violence. Grace is yet another actress who firmly believes in evolving within the industry and is often regarded as the leader of the Chicago screen community. In the months ahead, she’ll be the enchanting figure winning us over with her appealing charisma and her truly engaging blue eyes.

Remember to drop by the Grace McPhillips Official Site.