Sundance Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Angela Trimbur

Angela Trimbur is primed to be the Indie Goddess of Sundance as she illuminates the acclaimed film festival in 4 captivating roles. From dazzling the Sundance shorts program as the lead in “I Know You From Somewhere” and making horror fans ecstatic in the anthology horror flick “XX”, Angela is surely our obsession. She’s also starring in the comedy “L.A. Times” and the drama “Strangers” … Continue reading Sundance Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Angela Trimbur


Actress Spotlight: Velinda Godfrey

The women of indie are more than mesmerising us this week and the ebullient Velinda Godfrey ensures our passion is at an all time high. Screening at the Cinequest Film Festival starting March 5th, she stars in the drama “Heartland” which is going to be threading plenty of heartache as her character Lauren tumbles into an affair with her brother’s fiancee Carrie (Laura Spencer). You … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Velinda Godfrey