Hotties on DVD, TV and Film – 8th September 2014


1. Amanda Fuller, Chloë Crampton & Alberta Mayne in “The Brittany Murphy Story”

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– It takes an idol to play an idol and Amanda Fuller who is coveted as an indie/television starlet plays Brittany Murphy, one of the shining talents who just like Marilyn Monroe died young. While the biopic has raised controversy, Amanda should be lauded for her multi-layered, emotionally tinged interpretation of a Bright Star gone too soon.
– Catch the lovable British actress Chloë Crampton as Morgan, the best friend of Brittany whom she brought on set of the comedy smash “Clueless” which also starred Alicia Silverstone.
– Look out for Canadian actress Alberta Mayne in a supporting role and whom we have come to know from her work on TV as genuinely eye-catching.

2. Lucy Owen in “Kelly & Cal”


– Arrestingly beautiful, Lucy Owen is set to captivate in a big way thanks to her amusing and entertaining performance in “Kelly and Cal”.
– She plays Julie the judgmental sister-in-law of new mother Kelly (Juliette Lewis) and the two are at loggerheads throughout this not so typical romantic comedy.
– This will go a long way in affirming her status as a breakout indie star as will her memorable turn as a single mother caught in a love triangle opposite Josh Lucas in SXSW fav “The Mend”.

3. Ginifer King in “Haunted Hathaways”


– I was often wondering why Ginifer was consistently ranking as a popular actress on this blog and then I discovered she’s the star of Nickelodean hit “Haunted Hathways”.
– She plays Michelle Hathaway, the kind single mother of 2 cute daughters who move into a new home and unexpectedly encounter ghosts with a sense of humor. Cue the laughter!
– Ginifer is also well known for her powerful vocals and Big Band Cabaret routines that’s often brimming with sensuality making her a born entertainer.

Dances With Films 2014 Spotlight: Indie Princess Rose Marziale

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Expressively beautiful, Rose Marziale is a multifaceted actress whom many will be embracing with lots of fondness. Sometimes dreams do come true and her passion project “It Remains” is premiering at Dances With Films with an after-party to follow. Rose has already given me inspiration to chase my own dreams and so should you! In a gorgeous red number, Rose is the belle of the red carpet at “Dances With Films” as seen from the event photos coming out.

Here’s Rose describing her uniquely enchanting part in “It Remains”:

‘So my role in “It Remains” is a pretty unique story. I actually created, co-produced, and co-wrote it along with starring in it. Our goal was to create a universal love story that everyone can relate to, so my character is named “You” and the other character is named “Me.” It’s a short film that uses a lot of dance and music to tell the story.’

From the trailer, one can already see how palpably compelling this feature is, from the chemistry between the 2 leads and their storytelling prowess. Told without words, “It Remains” uses the best of music and dance to portray the addiction to love.

On her upcoming projects, she is regularly performing at various indie improv shows with her team Anchorbaby! Rose is also writing as well as starring in an untitled live sketch comedy show and comedy pilot. Thanks to her, I’ve discovered she’s been in acting class with Amanda Fuller of “Last Man Standing” fame and since Amanda is one of my favorite actresses, by proxy Rose will become one too. Adoring looks are set to descend upon the talented Miss Rose and she will certainly blossom in the days ahead.

Keep updated on all the latest news at the ROSE MARZIALE OFFICIAL SITE.