Palm Beach International Film Fest 2014 Spotlight: Indie Princess Grace McPhillips

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Multi-faceted Grace McPhillips has always been a polished talent and she’s slated to win a plethora of approval on the indie scene. She is the lead in the intriguing drama “The Other One” which premieres on April 4th at this year’s Palm Beach International Film Fest. The film deals with Amber (played by Grace), a teacher who is a survivor of a school shooting and the repercussions that takes a toll on her personal life. We’ve seeing more than ever that it’s the stories that matter and Grace gives us an honest portrayal of a woman still haunted by her traumatic experience. The lingering fear and her best efforts to move on are perfectly depicted by the talented Grace who shines as the emotionally distraught character Amber. The trailer has an interesting bit where it shows her chancing upon what is a hooded figure outside a house. Is this a hallucination or it is referring to the killers as being “The Other One”? The mind can be a complicated mess and delving into the psyche of the victim of a heinous act is as compelling as it should be.

Her upcoming feature “Eclipse” has just been announced as an official selection at Cannes. It’s the prequel to “The Other One”, a six-minutes insight of the deadly shooter before his intended massacre of the high school. One can sense the social undercurrents of both films, an inflection that promotes peace and non-violence. Grace is yet another actress who firmly believes in evolving within the industry and is often regarded as the leader of the Chicago screen community. In the months ahead, she’ll be the enchanting figure winning us over with her appealing charisma and her truly engaging blue eyes.

Remember to drop by the Grace McPhillips Official Site.

Rising Starlet: Liesel Kopp

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Continuing the Shriekfest Hottie Fever is the lovely Liesel Kopp who this Saturday, Oct the 6th will win us over with her leading lady role in the indie ghost story “Revenant”. Plugging the work of one as sweet-looking as Liesel is essential and she shines in the tense frightener as Stella, the girlfriend of a writer who is desperate to experience a haunting as the inspiration for his new novel. Apparently this is no ordinary haunted house tale as the film introduces several elements not seen before in such features. Guess you’ll have to attend Shriekfest for the screening to find out! Blue eyes are indeed addictive and Liesel has a glittering pair that are as ravishing on print as they are onscreen. It makes you want to visit the LIESEL KOPP OFFICIAL SITE to take tour of her filmography and she does have a collection of videos for captive viewing.

In one of her interviews, she has this to say: ‘I’m always happy when I get cast in anything. And then on top of that, when it’s horror, it’s just a little extra icing on top.’ On that proclamation alone, Liesel may just be making waves as one of the promising talents on the indie horror front. You may have spotted her in the chilling festival favorite “Entrance” and the serial killer/zombie mash-up Die-ner (Get It?). While Liesel is a versatile actress, her partiality to all things dark and terrifying is going to get her recognized as a darling of the genre.

P.S. Thank you to the vivacious Liesel for sending me her more (in her eloquent words) glamour-y and/or horror-y photos specially for this feature. Don’t you think blood looks mighty fine on her…:)