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Lola Blanc

We fall at the feet of gorgeous, eclectic women and in the months ahead the alluring Lola Blanc is enchanting us on the music scene. She appears in the freshly released music video of the Lana Del Ray single “Love” where she is as ethereal as the dreamy melodies of flower-power tinged ditty. The sultrily sweet Lola does exude an attractiveness that would fit in … Continue reading Lola Blanc


Bahia Haifi

Embodying graceful Parisian chic, Bahia Haifi has a sultry aura about her and her seductively breathy voice would indeed be a turn on for many. She is guest-starring as Sabine Arnaud, a French Delegate on the sci-fi series “Colony” that has Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies as The Bowmans whose lives have become a tumultuous one after an otherworldly invasion. We can’t wait to … Continue reading Bahia Haifi