Foxy Femme: Catherine Kamei

actress catherine kamei lethal weapon

We can’t get enough of our mesmerising ladies of television and the sultry Catherine Kamei is certain to make a beguiling impression. She guest-stars on this week’s episode of “Lethal Weapon” as Madeline Tate, the defence attorney for Russel Carswell, a man charged with the attempted murder of Roger Murtaugh (Damon Wayans). Looking regal in her power-suit, Catherine has the requisite poise to project her character’s straight laced affront but we do find out that Madeline is more than meets the eye. Even Captain Brooks Avery (Kevin Rahm) doesn’t realise her ulterior motives. She might just be towing the boundaries of the law so do find out what she gets up to on the thrilling “Lethal Weapon”.

actress catherine kamei pure genius

She will be seen as a nurse in the upcoming episode of “Pure Genius” which stars Dermot Mulroney in the role of the maverick Dr. Walter Wallace. Catherine has previously played a nurse in the hit series “NCIS” earlier this year and also guest-starred on “Chasing Life”. It sure looks like her endearing presence on TV is set to be a pleasant sojourn. Since it’s also December, enhance your festivities by checking her out in “A Country Christmas”, a tale about people coming together to save Christmas after Santa Claus loses his magical powers. With the pureness of her beauty which is an inviting mix of the East and West, Catherine warrants our consideration as one of the beloved faces in the industry.

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Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 26 November 2016


Lauren Parkinson in “A Doggone Christmas”

actress lauren parkinson a doggone christmas

– Affectionately lauded as radiant onscreen, Lauren Parkinson is illuminating the indie scene with her dynamic performances, alluring beauty and witty persona.
– Lauren stars in “A Doggone Christmas”, the lively comedy so ideal for this festive season. She plays Camilla Sharp, a Special Forces Agent who is dogged (no pun intended) in her pursuit of a Jack Russell Terrier with telephonic abilities.
– She was memorable as Snow White in “Avengers Grimm”, a sultry rebel princess who rises up against the evil Rumpelstiltskin. Those producers of “Once Upon A Time” should be casting the luscious Lauren on their show!

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Jenna Michno in “Signing Out”

actress jenna michno signing out

– At the IMAGE+NATION Montreal LESBIAN GAY BI TRANS film festival starting this week, the talented Jenna Michno will be enchanting audiences in a story that’s so relevant in a time when opposition of LGBT couples has become unfortunately prevalent.
– She stars in “Signing Out”, the short film that sees her as Amy Olsen who is still coming to terms with her romantic relationship with another woman. They both unknowingly begin to see the same therapist years later to start healing the wounds.
– Jenna is also catching the eye in horror as she can be seen in the gripping film “Quarries” which is garnering a lot of buzz on the festival circuit.

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Susana Gibb in “Bad Kids Of Crestview Academy”

actress susana gibb bad kids of crestview academy

– Don’t miss indie queen Susana Gibb in the racy “Bad Kids Of Crestview Academy”, the sequel to the rip-roaring “Bad Kids Go To Hell”. Her character Mrs Jackson will be wielding guns so expect plenty of fireworks!
– She consistently revels in the complexity of the roles and recently has a great presence in horror films. From the zombie actioner “Daylight’s End” to the devilish thriller “The Harrowing”, Susana is an indie actress worthy of admirable fervour.
– On top of her commendably extensive acting resume, her influence also extends beyond the screen having also produced the trippy sci-fi flick “Element”.

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Danni Lang in “The Fiance”

actress danni lang the fiance

– The endearing Danni Lang is best known for starring opposite Jason Statham in the film “Safe” and U.S./China Co-Produced film “Christmas in Hollywood” which would be so pleasant to reminisce about since the Yuletide season already in full swing.
– She appears as Li Wie who recalls her own horrific encounter with something in the woods at the beginning of the bigfoot horror flick “The Fiance” which is infused with an element of werewolf transformative we know so well.
– Danni’s verve and dedication for her craft can be an inspiration for every aspiring performer as she views all the opportunities she’s been given as a blessing.

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