ShriekFest 2015 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Alice Kremelberg


It’s a joy to see fresh faces at premier horror festivals and the striking Alice Kremelberg ensures viewers are in for a treat. At ShriekFest, catch her in the short film “Sweet Hollow” as Emily, a woman who encounters a handsome samaritan when her car breaks down and soon realises the help could be a threat. In under 11 mins, she will have us on the edge of our seats as we follow her predicament and who doesn’t love to root for damsels in a spot of bother! Alice does have shades of Amanda Seyfried and Alicia Silverstone I must say, a heady mix of sultriness and engaging appeal.

Alice has also been a fixture on our TV screens having had roles on “Blue Bloods”, “Nurse Jackie”, “The Big C” and most notably on “Fringe”. She played a teenage girl who lapsed into a coma and had been pronounced dead, only to be resurrected by a malevolent force. If you love Elizabeth Olsen in “Martha Marcy May Marlene” then make sure to watch Alice in “Doomsday”, an episodic dramatic series that delves into the lives of members of a cult awaiting the End Of Days. In the role of the reclusive yet tormented Sorrel, Alice has been complimented for being ethereal by director Sonja O’Hara who herself is one talented lady. Just as Sonja has a great eye for stirring actresses likewise viewers should be in a tizzy and start showing affection for the captivating Alice.

The Most Desirable Horror Vixens @ Action On Film Festival 2015


1. Vanelle in “Athena”

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– The brunette beauty Vanelle is the personification of comeliness and sheer talent, one of the most desirable women in the indie horror circuit and beyond.
– She’s up for the Best Actress Award for her stirring performance in “Athena” as Emily falls under the influence of a mysterious yet potentially nefarious voice in her head.
– Vanelle is attending the screening of “Athena” and for us it’s a boon to catch a glimpse of this stunner destined for fandom.

2. Tonya Cornelisse in “The Wolves Of Savin Hill”

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– Catch Tonya in “The Wolves Of Savin Hill” as the mesmerising Cassandra in one of her most dangerously sexy roles to date.
– Embodying the richness of her character, she effortlessly threads the sensual and dark journey in through-provoking fashion.
– Her swoon-worthy facial symmetry is very much in the vein of Kristen Wiig and that means Tonya is in line for a sustained period of devotion.

3. Terissa Kelton & Janet Mayson in “Quad X: Rise of the Beaver Slayer”

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– There’s nothing better than shining the spotlight on the women of indie film with Terissa and Janet being the constant enchanters in the genre.
– Terissa dazzles as Ginger Snap (a nod to Katharine Isabelle perhaps), the porn star who is having some mummy issues showing us that even adult performers have complicated lives.
– A versatile actress, Janet is eye-catching as the good Dr. Long who offers counselling to our poor souls of the porn industry.

4. Ivet Corvea in “The Painting”


– We’ve always had a fascination with voodoo ever since American Horror Story and Ivet perpetuates our obsession as a sultry voodoo priestess in “The Panting”
– As Marie Lavaux, she is hired to fuel a down-and-out painter’s need to create masterpieces worthy of millions but her spiritual wiles take him down a terrifying path.
– Notable for her love of horror and its many crossover genres, Cuban-born Ivet is deliciously sexy and continues to be a must watch temptress of the screen.

5. Sheri Davis in “Snake With A Human Tail”


– Kudos to Sheri for being the riveting figure in the gritty film “Snake With A Human Tail” as a born-again woman whose past as an abused boy fuels her rage for revenge.
– Billed to be heading for big things, this Texan Temptress has both the saucy curves and screen smarts to entrance viewers.
– For those who can’t get enough of zombies, don’t miss Sheri in the upcoming short “The Jones” as a zombie mother who has to deal with her daughter’s transformation into a human!