Actress Spotlight: Bianca Rutigliano


The sultry Bianca Rutigliano announces herself with an intense ferocity in the Season 3 premiere of “Gotham”. She plays Nancy, a fearsome henchwoman of Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) who in the episode ‘Mad City: Better to Reign in Hell’ catches the unfortunate Ivy Pepper for allegedly spying. In a time where engineered monsters roam the streets of Gotham, we may yet see what her powers are in the upcoming episode next week. Bianca is depicting one of the show’s formidable femme fatales joining the likes of the intimidating Fish, the psychotic Barbara Kean, the imposing Tabitha Galavan and the crafty Selina Kyle. Women who are oh so bad on “Gotham” are certainly the apple of our eyes and Bianca is indeed a mesmerizing beauty as Nancy. The promos (above) teases us with a scene of Nancy flooring a guy with a vicious punch so watch out for her to bring the pain. The ladies are indeed flexing their muscles and showing the villainy game is not just for the boys!

I was lucky to be able to score an Interview with the gracious Bianca and it’s great to see her making impressive headway on a hit show such as “Gotham”. She has also guest-starred in the comedy series “Benders” as Kelly, a witty bartender who has a snarky edge about her. Her 2 upcoming features “The One Closest to You” and “Blue Blood and Broke” could soon be hitting the festival circuit too. Exciting times are afoot for the alluring Bianca as she leaves us yearning for more glimpses of her.

HollyShorts Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Foxy Femme Kat Hawks


Sultry New Zealand actress Kat Hawks is headed for adoration at this year’s HollyShorts Film Fest. She stars as Dr. Botkind in the must-see “Nanoblood” directed by Lindsey Haun. She’s the charismatic incarnation of cult-like eccentricity as the nano scientist who advocates the controversial nanobots blood infusion tech. With her piercing eyes and articulate poise, one would be drawn to her “sales” pitch and why not when Kat delivers with such expressive vigor. She augments the mystique of Dr Botkind, this woman in white, who is seemingly capable of keeping her audience in a trance. The wonders of “Nanoblood” are plentiful and it’s great that the female characters are exerting their influence throughout this short film.

Inculcating a love for New Zealand’s finest is growing rapidly and with the rise of Rose Mciver as well as Keisha Castle-Hughes, there’s plenty of room in our hearts to have a soft spot for the vivacious Kat Hawks. Get her on the TV series “iZombie” i say! Meanwhile, look out for Kat in her upcoming short “Bottom-feeder” releasing in October that tells of a cursed painting taking over the soul of its owner. Horror is such a magnet when we can delight in the work of amazing women like the fascinating Kat. She has also been a wearer of many hats in the industry, excelling in all her endeavours from Dance to Acting, Writing, Producing and Directing. Get ready to be enticed by Kat Hawks, Kiwi’s wondrous temptation.