Indie Queen: Helene Udy

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The age of fascinating actresses is upon us and the radiantly foxy Helene Udy is a mesmerizer in so many ways. There’s so many shades to her, it’s likely she’ll enthrall every time she takes to the screen. Anointed as a Scream Queen (she was one of the stars of the original “My Bloody Valentine”) and TV Vixen (most notably for Dr Quinn: Medicine Women opposite Jane Seymour), Helene infuses the roles she has done over the years with a daring edginess. In one of her new features called “666:Devilish Charm”, she ranks right up there with the bevy of beauties that catch the eye in the indie supernatural thriller, even if she’s considered as a hot cougar! Helene joins Courtney B Turk, Nikki BreAnne Wells, Lisa London and many more lovely ladies in this tale of a cursed devil’s charm bracelet. She was memorable in the short film “Tumblers” as Odetta, a circus performer who finds ways to keep fanning the flames of passion with her partner. Seeing how her beauty shines in “Tumblers”, I have to say ardor for her would materialize easily. How about that husky voice of hers which is admirably sexy too!

You can also click on this picture link of Helene in a gold bikini. Sumptuous immediately comes to mind when describing that very pose and here we do celebrate talents with sex appeal which Helene has had since the day she started in the industry. There’s even a website called Man Crush which dedicates a page for her which goes to show she’s very much desired. With her being a director/producer, Helene is going to be fetching in her every endeavor and we can’t wait for her next appearance.

Sizzling Cutie: Alicia Arden

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The procession of saucy women continues with the sumptuous ALICIA ARDEN who has a feature out on DVD guaranteed to stir the lions. “American Nudist” is a sensory experience, examining the popularity of naturism in all its bare naked glory with ALICIA in one of her most enticing role to date. Everyone remembers her in the revealing Princess Leia metal bikini for a cosplay event only last year and now she teases us even more in “American Nudist”. As much as I’m trying to find the trailer for the skintastic flick, there seems to be none. She does reveal some skin on the DVD cover art and from the screenshot of one of her scenes (above), we’re in for delicious samplings of ALICIA. She’s been described as pure hotness and the va-va-voom body which has already graced the pages of Maxim is immensely crave worthy.

She’s yet another Sex Bomb in our midst so why not visit the ALICIA ARDEN OFFICIAL SITE. While ALICIA currently focuses her energy in independent films, she did appear in the hit soap “General Hospital”. This well-endowed actress will star in “The Obsession” with Dominique Swain, Pollyanna McIntosh and Paula LaBaredes. That’s four of the sexiest women on the planet in one film! If there’s one woman who looks elegant every time she’s on the red carpet, it’s ALICIA ARDEN. She’s the face of true enchantment.