Indie Princess: Mercedes Manning


Mercedes Manning has the ravishing essence to tease your every senses and she’s indeed a rousing talent. 2015 could usher in the advent of piercingly enigmatic actresses such as Mercedes who reminds me of Alycia Debnam-Carey (currently in “The 100” and soon “The Walking Dead” spinoff Cobalt) who has worked in the horror genre. Mercedes is set to star in “Other Halves” which redefines the meaning of a Killer App as its very users will lose all self-control, an evocative premise seeing how entrenched we all are in technology. She’s also appearing in one my fav all-time actresses Dianna Agron’s new feature “Zipper” as a lawyer who challenges her superior (Patrick Wilson), the protagonist with a lust for women that leads to his downfall. With the movie premiering at this year’s Sundance, it could well be the festival that gets her some serious adoring time.

If there’s another actress that I would love to see in “Agent Carter” (currently addicted to this show), it would be Mercedes. She has the old-world grace as well as feisty nature that would be coveted in that era. One only has to see the pic of her as quite the sexy nurse (below left with fellow thesp Julia Aks whom I’ve recently featured) to be in agreement.


Sensuos, compelling women are so often put on a pedestal and the enchanting Mercedes could well be making her way into such that resplendent company.

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Latin Vixen: Mariann Gavelo

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A visual sensation, Mariann Gavelo is about to entice a generation especially in this week when the world has been bewitched by Latin faces who are equally accomplished. With her sensual derrière that draws the eyes and could outfoxed even the lady lumps of one Kim Kardashian or even Iggy Azalea, Mariann is ensuring Latin Fever is here to stay! Jennifer Lopez is winning audiences as a saucy object of obsession in her latest venture “The Girl Next Door” even fending off Johnny Depp at the box office. Miss Colombia Paulina Vega who was arguably given the toughest question by the judges has triumphed as this year’s Miss Universe. Peruvian Beauty Mariann herself may soon be mesmerizing us into submission as she can be seen in “Entertainment” which screens at Sundance 2015 in which she plays a rather interesting character known as Sitcom Maria. Sundance may be the mecca for everything indie but we are more than happy to celebrate the very appealing Mariann.

With “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” returning for its 10th Season, we can reminisce and remember Mariann as one of the hottest women to have graced the hit show. Credit must go to Rob McElhenney for giving us the best of two worlds, funny and hot talents who keep it sprightly with each episode. Mariann has been in several sketches and she’s also appeared alongside Will Ferrell in “Casa de mi Padre” where he makes a 360 degree switch culturally by turning into a Mexican Rancher. They say what’s wrong with being sexy if a woman can make us laugh as well as Mariann has shown with her knack for improv. I certainly got the meaning of the word “Osculate” (see her hot video above) rather quickly…:) It’s still January and we can’t wait to see Mariann sizzle our world even more!

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