Cannes Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Indie Sweetheart Stephanie Ellis


From Sundance to Cannes, Australian enchanter Stephanie Ellis has been hypnotic on screen and she’s been celebrated by IndieWire as an actress on the rise. The impeccably talented Stephanie will have us singing her praises once more in the dramatic short “Baby Teeth” which marks her directorial debut.

Here’s Stephanie describing more about her short “Baby Teeth”:

It’s a story that explores boundaries in multiple forms. Between friends, but also boundaries within ourselves, our minds, and our memories. How far can we stretch these boundaries before they warp and snap? My character, Sophie – is challenged as a friend, and the only support system for her friend. She is really drawn, and pulled into her friend’s world.

For Sophie, it’s more in what she keeps hidden — what assumptions about herself and others she keeps secret.

Do check out the official site: As you will discover, this is a multi-layered story about 2 women and their search for a missing baby which will test the limits of their bond. As Stephanie has shown in the gripping indie drama “The Sleepwalker” and her other short film “Molly”, she’s a cut above with moving depth when depicting complex women. There’s an innate dexterity about Stephanie when she elucidates the heterogeneous traits of the women she essays. Coupled with her gracious nature, our devotion for Aussie actresses is profoundly here to stay.

Sundance Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Foxy Femme Janie Brookshire


With Sundance still in the throes of introducing to the world compelling stories, let us give attention to the gorgeous Janie Brookshire who is quite the kissable cutie in the eyes of audiences. She’s starring alongside Sienna Miller in “So Good To See You” which has been touted as one of 5 Must-Watch Short Films at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Sienna plays a woman who privacy admits her true feelings about her dinner companions all the whilst having her privacy exposed when her rants are inadvertently left as a voicemail on her host’s cell. This has recipe for disaster written over and affirms that in life we can’t always be in control. I have a feeling that the characters essayed by Sienna and Janie are headed for a very tense conclusion.

Janie does however has the beguiling features of a genuine sweetheart as we will see in “So Good TO See You” setting her on the path to be one of the likeable new faces in 2016. She’s also appeared on Halley Feiffer’s movie “He’s Way More Famous Than You” whom many will know regularly features on this blog. Adding on to her also appearances on TV shows such as “The Good Wife” and “Forever” ensure Janie’s enchanting ubiquity is on multiple mediums. Last year, she showcased her impressive stage presence on a remarkably intriguing level in the play Angel Street (Gaslight) as Bella, the naive Victorian wife who is pushed to the brink by her abusive husband. All signs point to Janie’s burgeoning career as an entertainer and we’re ready to embrace her with open arms.