Canadian Vixen: Tara Westwood A vision of heavenly beauty, TARA WESTWOOD is emerging as an indie starlet everyone should keep adoring eyes on. She is one of the leading ladies of thought-provoking drama “Surviving Family” that contemplates whether daughters really do inherit the failures of their mothers. It’s a vivid performance by TARA as Jean, the older sister of a woman who returns to her family abode. Reconnection … Continue reading Canadian Vixen: Tara Westwood

Rising Starlet : Bettina Bilger

Known for being immensely accessible, BETTINA BILGER may just be the one to catch the eye as she has a recurring role in “Pan Am” which premiers this weekend. Vintage has become the hottest thing to hit TV Screens since “Mad Men” and this jet-setting new series aims to be just as sensational. The nostalgic female-centric plot lines are a welcome sight with an attractive … Continue reading Rising Starlet : Bettina Bilger