Rising Starlet: Ashton Leigh

2013 is a brand new year and it’s glorious to have the immensely ravishing femme ASHTON LEIGH heating up this blog! Destined to make a big impact, I’m already in love with BRAND ASHTON LEIGH especially when she acknowledged me as being the sweetest…:) If you’re tuned in to the SyFy Channel, she’s a sizzler as the character Tish in “American Horror House”. This supernatural … Continue reading Rising Starlet: Ashton Leigh

Hot Actress #421 – Natacha Itzel:Rising Starlet

Thanks to ‘TRUE BLOOD’, I now know there’s plenty of cuties in seductive Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Hailing from that steamy locale, the very enticing fresh faced NATACHA ITZELl is an exquisitely exotic brunette anyone could get addicted to. I think many would agree that the Southern accent can be so mesmerizing…:) Latest new just in; Natacha is making her way to LA….the babe count just … Continue reading Hot Actress #421 – Natacha Itzel:Rising Starlet