Aynsley Bubbico

In praise of the talented women on television who brighten up our day, here’s a tribute to the sweet Aynsley Bubbico who is merited bountiful affection. She’s guest starring on the new series “24: Legacy” as Amy, the sister of Ben Grimes, a United States Army Ranger who took part in the mission to capture terrorist mastermind Ibrahim Bin-Khalid. Unbeknownst to him, she’s already been … Continue reading Aynsley Bubbico

Natalie Krill

Television has emerged as the portal of absolute addiction thanks to the stunning Natalie Krill who is one of this week’s most captivating face. She guest-stars on “Ransom” as Addison Reid, child prodigy turned tech billionaire whose company Voysec Vehicle Systems is a leader in traffic safety systems. Things start to go awry when one of her most important employees is kidnapped just before the … Continue reading Natalie Krill