Sarah Henesey

The radiant Aussie actress Sarah Henesey is set to make her mark in world cinema this week with a graceful joviality. She is starring in the Turkish romantic comedy “Organik Ask Hikayeleri” a.k.a “Organic Love Stories” premiering at the ReelHeART Film Festival in Toronto on July 7. Her performance on “Organic Love Stories” has already drawn wonderful comparisons to Lucille Ball which would mean viewers … Continue reading Sarah Henesey

Sydney Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Neveen Hanna

We most certainly will be in unison to discuss the finery of Australian actresses and Neveen Hanna should be heading down adoring street. She appears in “Australia Day” starring Bryan Brown and Isabelle Cornish which screens at this year’s Sydney Film Festival. This is a drama that should stir much discussion considering it doesn’t shy away from exposing intolerance and prejudice that’s always been brimming … Continue reading Sydney Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Neveen Hanna