Foxy Femme: Nicole Rutigliano

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Some women are born to be sexy and Nicole Rutigliano is a ravishing vision to entice us all. It so happens that the hottest women are popping up with such frequency this week, be it at film festivals, television and on DVD. Comedy horror “Jersey Shore Massacre” would be one to savor as Nicole is one of the sizzlers on it. As the saucy Joanne, she is part of a sextet of gals on a weekend at the shore who become the target of a psychotic killer. What is an obvious nod to reality show “Jersey Shore”, the obvious question that will come up is whether she be the Final Girl. Debate often rages on whether women are treated as only eye-candy but isn’t that what entertainment is all about. Wouldn’t you want lovely women in your movie too so hail to the peeps who made “Jersey Shore Massacre” a watchable reality. The classic “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and its remakes did have its share of barely clad babes.

Choosing to celebrate exceptionally beautiful actresses has always been the mantra on this blog and praising the sex appeal of Nicole is a must! You will get to see gratuitous shots of Nicole and her cast mates being the delectable tease in “Jersey Shore Massace” so prepare for much swooning. After all, she can be seen cavorting in a bikini and Nicole is equally enticing in lingerie or any glamorous clothing. Her recent red-carpet photos in a revealing black dress (see pic below on the right) is also a testament to why the camera loves her, genuine gorgeousness from every angle.


Gentlemen and ladies, Summer may soon be over but we’ve already felt her captivating essence as Nicole is a sexy lady for all seasons.

Austin Film Fest 2013 Spotlight: Foxy Femme Kristina Ellery

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From her allure to her delectable gaze, KRISTINA ELLERY is a saucy talent with sensual charm. She’s appearing in the dark fantasy “Siren” which stars the under-rated Vinessa Shaw. It’s a tale of feminine seduction via a scent that men can’t resist. Just by looking at her pics, one has to say KRISTINA does not any persuasion to affect our love for her. Even as a crossbow-toting nun she sizzles as evident in the music video “New Disorder” (above) by up and coming band “Charming Liars”. She’s wearing just the right type of ‘habit’ to tease the eyes. You could almost say she’s has all the makings of a Siren…:) She did have a role in the hit comedy smash “Ted” as a gal called Heavenly!

She’s also in the upcoming feature “Everlasting”, an interesting one about a film-maker tracking down the man who murdered the love of his life. There’s a bevy of beauties whom I call friends in this one including Elisabeth Röhm, Shayla Beesley, Natalie Denise Sperl, Tamzin Brown and many more…:) We’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to the swoon-worthy KRISTINA and her enchanting ways are bound to grow.