The Chicago Horror Film Festival 2013 Spotlight: Indie Princess Michelle Ellen Jones

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Enigmatic blue-eyed blondes are often cherished and MICHELLE ELLEN JONES is one such hottie with a naturally sparkling loveliness. She is a former Miss Teen Texas aglow with the delicate fairness of a beauty queen who is amassing a series of credible work on the indie arena. The Chicago Horror Film Fest which runs from 27-29th September is the event to catch MICHELLE as she’s one of the stars of “Conjoined”, a story of love on the web that ultimately ends up in separation anxiety! In the movie, she plays the ‘good’ sister, Alina, who’s just found the love of her life, Stanley (Tom Long) , on an Internet dating site. He invites her to come live with him and surprise, surprise, she’s connected to Alisa, her ‘evil’ twin sister!

Here’s what MICHELLE has to say about her what drew her to “Conjoined” which could be one of the entertaining horror comedies of the year: “This was by far one of the funniest movies I’ve ever worked on, it is so much harder than one can imagine to be connect to another person! Walking and sitting was a challenge, but we made it work! Well, I got a call from Joe Grisaffi, the director, and he told me about this horror movie script written by Chuck Norfolk about conjoined twins and would I be interested? My interest was immediately perked, as I had never heard of anything like that, and, once I read the script, I was on board! It also helped to have an amazing co star/ conjoined sister, Keefer Barlow, she and I had previously met working on another indie horror flick.

While she’s a picture of innocence in “Conjoined”, her upcoming flick “The Pickaxe Murders Part III: The Final Chapter” will paint her in a more sinister light. Check out the teaser (above) as an unlucky dude gets the same treatment as that headless mercenary in “Sleepy Hollow”. This weekend is indeed perfect timing to have a bloody good time (on screen of course!) courtesy of MICHELLE, a blossoming talent dazzling up the horror genre.

Sizzling Cutie: Abby Ross

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Budding talent ABBY ROSS is a promising face from Canada who is admirably engaging for someone so tender of age. Flying the flag of the best young talents around the world is amazing to see as ABBY joins the likes of US counterparts Natasha Calis and Madison Davenport, both stars of “The Possession”. This emerging wave of onscreen exuberance became huge no doubt kickstarted by Chloë Moretz (Kick-Ass). Age is no barrier when it comes to making a mark in the industry and at 15, ABBY is set to impress especially when she scored the role of Anastasia on “Seed”. Even though ABBY was up against numerous actresses with far greater experience, “Seed” creator Joseph Raso was taken in by how consummate she is as the rebellious teen archtype whose actual dad is a sperm donor. Discovering her conception was an by artificial means must have been mortifying and ABBY hit all the right notes in portraying the disaffected emotions of teen angst. With 13 episodes in the pipeline, there’s plenty of time for viewers to glimpse her seraphic charms.

She did missed school all of fall to shoot “Seed” and had to do onset tutoring. Having affirmed it was the most amazing experience of her life, the rewards are the fruits of her perseverance since it took countless auditions and trying times (having braces for one) until she finally booked her first real gig! It was when at eight years old that she started getting into acting, dabbling in youth theatre camp…wow! She also has always wanted to be a singer and this will surely augur well for her career as she blossoms into an ingenue whom this generation and the next will come to love.