Actress Spotlight: Hope Lauren


The endearing Hope Lauren is turning into quite the TV sensation and this week her adorable charisma will find ardent endorsement from many quarters. In her recurring role as accomplished writer Ophelia of Idea Bin on the series “Awkward”, Hope has a way with words and has indeed her standout moments. Check out the sneak peek (above) of Hope who happens to be the co-worker of Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards) angling for an interview with Jenna’s ex Jake (Brett Davern). When it comes to comedy, Hope is a whiz and imbuing her character Ophelia with bubbly ubiquity as well as the witty riposte week in week out is so laudable. Seeing how it happens to be my birthday this April 27th, Hope has made this special day an abundantly entertaining one. I’m rubbing my hands with glee in anticipation with what comes next with the vibrant Ophelia since she’s somehow tumbled into bed with Jake in the current episode ‘Girls Gone Viral’.

As fanboys would know, Hope came into prominence thanks to her first-rate work on “Supergirl” as the emotionally unstable Bizarro who views Supergirl as her enemy after coming under the nefarious influence of Maxwell Lord (Peter Facinelli). As to Bizarro’s fate which has an open ending, we might get to see her return bearing in mind that in the comics she does team up with Supergirl to take down a Big Bad. With Hope being ever present on television having appeared in numerous shows including “Faking It”, “Major Crimes” and “Agent Carter”, it won’t be long before she’s the leading lady of a major network show. Hope is a future star whose popularity is poised to soar.

Sizzling Cutie: Elle Roberts


The enchantingly lissome actress Elle Roberts is imminently ready to blossom with striking verve. She can be seen on TV and Film in a capacity that’s tragic to the characters she play in some degree. First up in the new CW drama series “Containment”, Elle guest-stars as Elizabeth Franklin, a young woman who is exposed to the deadly pathogen that’s plaguing Atlanta. One can sense the irony what with the pandemic erupting in of all places the base of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). With a grim spectre hanging over the fate of Atlanta’s residents, can Elle’s Elizabeth survive having seen herself trapped in a cordon sanitaire which to some might sound abhorrent. Especially since the alleged virus has been seemingly engineered by unknown parties and will have an intriguing bearing in future episodes I’m sure. The disease however doesn’t seem to care about social status, race, gender and even if you’re a good person, comprehensively infecting at will affirming that the mortality of human life has always been on a precipice of the unknown.

Kudos to Elle’s palpable performance of a victim of circumstance overwhelmed by the harrowing epidemic. Having seen my own mother fighting for her life this past week due to the pneumonia bacteria gives me a poignant perspective of the mini-dramas evolving in “Containment”. This is by far one of the shows I’m relating to the most on account of my own familial adversity. So will the families of the Columbine Shooting that took so many lives back in 1999. The film “I’m Not Ashamed” recounts the life of the very first victim Rachel Joy Scott and sees Elle essaying the role of her best friend Celine who is in actual fact an amalgamation of people Rachel wrote about in her journal. Elle cites rawness as a beautiful aspect in acting and as Celine, she’s definitely in a dark place. With her propensity for challenging roles, we can’t wait to see the luminous Elle as one of our endearing favourites.