SIFF Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Ellen Dorrit Petersen


Jumping at the chance to celebrate the best upcoming talents from around the world is essential and Norwegian thesp Ellen Dorrit Petersen is a captivating breakout actress destined for fandom. It is also her bold and colorful performances that will be favorite among aficionados of world cinema. Her potently compelling performance in “Blind” as a woman who has lost her sight and retreats into her fantasies which are most often sexualized is a must-see. Herself, a classic Nordic beauty with striking cheekbones, alluring eyes and alabaster skin, Ellen beguiles us into entering her character Ingrid’s make-believe thoughts in an attempt to retain some semblance of the life she knew. Or was it all imaginatively concocted as a despondent reaction to marital problems. Leading Lady Ellen is undeniably the centerpiece of “Blind”, illuminating from start to finish as she open our eyes to her radiant spirit. The silhouette of her body in the poster for “Blind” best encapsulates her being profoundly enigmatic.


We’ve already seen Hollywood adapting many Scandinavian dramas, well actually most have been Danish but her appearance in the hard-hitting drama series “Frikjent” aka “Acquitted” should get hands itching to remake this Norwegian TV show. Secrets and Lies are the crux of “Acquitted” as the return of a successful businessman to his hometown stirs up bad blood on account of his conviction then acquittal of the murder of his sweetheart 20 years ago. Expect Ellen to play a meaty part in this riveting whodunit as she’s in every episode. Ellen’s already the belle of Norway and soon she’ll be coveted on all corners of the globe.

Cannes Film Festival 2015 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Rebecca Calder

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Classy and strikingly gorgeous Rebecca Calder is on her way to make waves in Cannes as well as around the world. With her starring in the highly anticipated “Youth” which we know to have a very risque poster, she may find herself to be an inviting draw for audiences. Hailing from Australia but originally born in North East England, Rebecca is currently dazzling up London with her effervescent personality and appearing in productions alongside some of the best English talents, from the new to the veterans. She’s also promoting her film at Cannes, catching plenty of adoring glances everywhere she goes I’m sure.

Here’s Rebecca giving us a glimpse of her role in “Youth” as well as her upcoming features:

I play The Countess in ‘Paolo Sorrentino’s’ next feature “Youth” opposite Harvey Keitel. I think it’s out late May – it’s going to be pretty amazing. Also a British Independent feature “Love Me Do” Directed by Sundance nominee ‘Martin Stitt’ should be in festivals later this year, I play the lead role in it and it’s a film I’m very proud of. It’s a drama but essentially a crime story / love story.

My role in Altar – I play Isabella Radcliffe, the Victorian Ghost that haunts Radcliffe House. For me Isabella is so haunted by her own traumatic passing, she cannot leave this world and remains at Radcliffe House searching for peace. Her search for this solace however is far from Peaceful…she’s quite terrifying – even for me when I first watched the film! We shot in Yorkshire, England over a very cold winter – running around in a nightgown and barefoot over the Yorkshire Moors was rather traumatising for me too! It was a very special with a wonderful team. Olivia Williams is a total sweetheart and I’ve learned so much from her both professionally and personally. Antonia Clarke and Adam Thomas Wright are definitely young stars to watch – both big talents.

She may play a malevolent spirit in her movie “Altar” but away from the screen, she’s such a genuinely pleasant soul. In true Aussie warmth, Rebecca has so kindly given me the thumbs up for creating the Actress Obsession Blog, acknowledging it’s female led content. Her welcoming nature and with her admirable philosophy – “Be kind. Always be kind.”, many will find ebullient appeal to be very attractive. British viewers would have seen her on the popular series “DCI Banks” last year and with it being shown on Australia television recently, she’s heading for global adulation. She plays an ex junkie Geordie baddy and her evocative versatility in the projects she’s done is laudable. Cannes is being graced by elegance in the beauteous form of the lovely Rebecca.