TV Vixens To Crave – 26 August 2017

Elaine Kao in “Disjointed” – The Binge watching network is rumbling on this week which means plenty of reasons to catch the lovely Elaine Kao turn on her comedic charms on the new Netflix series “Disjointed” which is now available for viewing. – Elaine is wonderful as Mary Fakename (pronounced as F** who teaches viewers how to make marijuana butter better on the series that … Continue reading TV Vixens To Crave – 26 August 2017

Actress Spotlight: Bianca Rutigliano

The sultry Bianca Rutigliano announces herself with an intense ferocity in the Season 3 premiere of “Gotham”. She plays Nancy, a fearsome henchwoman of Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) who in the episode ‘Mad City: Better to Reign in Hell’ catches the unfortunate Ivy Pepper for allegedly spying. In a time where engineered monsters roam the streets of Gotham, we may yet see what her … Continue reading Actress Spotlight: Bianca Rutigliano