Exclusive Interview with Rising Starlet Katie Maguire

One of the most dynamic talents we should start cherishing, the multi-faceted Katie Maguire is enchanting the industry with her charming vibrancy. She stars in “Terrifier” which screens at the Telluride Horror Film Festival which runs from Oct 14-16. Thanks to the ever gracious Katie, she’s so kindly granted an interview right here. Here’s Katie revealing more about “Terrifier”, her views on the evolution of … Continue reading Exclusive Interview with Rising Starlet Katie Maguire

Indie Darling: Samantha Scaffidi

It goes without saying that we adore the talented women fronting indie cinema and blossoming enchanter Samantha Scaffidi is a cert for perpetual ardor. This elegant sweetheart is adeptly versatile in a host of genres, from being in the gender-reversal comedy “Sam” to an upcoming appearance in the horror film “Terrifier”. In “Sam”, she play the titular character Sam’s ex girlfriend, Georgette, who is currently … Continue reading Indie Darling: Samantha Scaffidi