Terror Hotties To Crave At The Chicago Horror Film Festival 2013

1. Kaylee Williams in “Dark Realm”


- She’s one of the stars of “Dark Realm” which is not your typical horror flick of an illusionist with links to evil. It’s magic meets mayhem that many be the work of the Devil!
- Kaylee is known for being drawn to roles that pushes the envelope and although she has the sweetheart looks has shone in numerous blood-soaked projects.
- She is looking forward to doing more action-oriented scenes and that’s something different from the accomplished Kaylee we can’t wait to see…:)

2. Lynn Lowry in “Ovulation”


- In “Ovulation”, she plays the mother of a woman who goes a tad too far in getting pregnant. With numerous films in the works, Lynn is yet again becoming an inspirational Scream Queen.
- Many have the view that Helen Mirren is a vixen. Well, Lynn herself is up to now one of the foxiest woman to grace indie horror as the pic above shows…:)
- If you’re in Atlanta this weekend, drop by the Twisted Fears Convention (Yup!This week is a convention overload!) as Lynn will be there to meet fans!

3. Roxy Vandiver in “The Haunted Trailer”


- While she has a supporting role in “The Haunted Trailer”, Roxy deserves a shout out for being a cult-movie favorite who has both spirit and sensuality.
- For Roxy to include my plaudits about her on her website (see pic above) blows my mind and speaks of how gracious of a person she is…:)
- Visit her site: http://www.roxyvandiver.com/ where she’s a picture of exquisiteness as an alternative supermodel who is partial to nudity thanks to her delectable body.

4. Ruby Larocca in “The Cemetary”

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- One of the most intelligent actresses in the horror genre, Ruby is an original! Her allure is one of the unconventional but by going against type makes her so memorable!
- Check out the clip (above) of the beguiling Ruby taken from “The Cemetary”, a gorefest of exorcism, demon possession and gold old fashioned scares!
- One of the most passionate talents on planet horror, she also has the pure sex appeal which will continue to fascinate every viewer.

Blonde Bombshell: Gabrielle Stone

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It’s been a while since a Scream Queen in the making has enliven this blog and GABRIELLE STONE can already lay claim to being an upcoming terror hottie. She is after all the daughter of legendary Dee Wallace who was so riveting in “The Howling” and recently in Rob Zombie’s “Lords Of Salem”. While GABRIELLE is a looker very much like her mom, she’s fashioned herself with a sophisticated edginess and will be having her own influence on the various guises she’s essaying onscreen. She does channel grittiness in her upcoming flick “Speak No Evil” as a single mother who battles demonic children in a town over-run by madness. There’s elements of “Children Of The Corn” as well as “Night Of The Living Dead” and it’s great to see the central character Anna (played by GABRIELLE) being a woman of strength. Expectedly, a lot of people are rooting for GABRIELLE because she has enigmatic features to rouse our interest.

Visit the GABRIELLE STONE OFFICIAL SITE and get updated on her projects which are of the spooky variety. She’s slated to be in the Philippines to shoot “The Beast” and I can’t wait to watch her to dazzle up Asian shores. In the works is also a film which GABRIELLE will be starring alongside her mum Dee Wallace and this vivacious duo has amazing written all over. 2013 is the year GABRIELLE will get maximum exposure which for us fans is something magical to be contemplating…:)