Blonde Bombshell: Christina Moore

One of the biggest stars on television, CHRISTINA MOORE has left an indelible impression thanks to her impressive comedic and dramatic work. Think of every hit show you’ve ever watched and CHRISTINA has regularly given us a reason to be addicted to her. From her early days on MADTV when her uncanny impressions of Christina Aguilera and Shannon Elizabeth got her noticed, she’s gone on … Continue reading Blonde Bombshell: Christina Moore

Hot Comedienne: Lara Everly

Angelic cutie LARA EVERLY is a multiple award-winning director and comedy starlet that everyone should be talking about. Her fondness for side-splitting material saw her giving life to “Pink Sweat”, a comedic musical short about a girl and her puppet paramour. The Funny Or Die website rates the video very highly, the cupping of her boobs by the frisky Grover-like moppet, one of many high … Continue reading Hot Comedienne: Lara Everly